Can I Vape at a Bonfire or on Fireworks Night?

By JC Connington 
Published on 05/10/2022


Bonfire Night is always a popular occasion, with both public and private events going on up and down the country, but should you bring your vape or leave it behind? Beyond fire safety, there are regulations and etiquette to consider.

Fire Safety in the UK

Fire safety is something that’s always important to think about when using a vape device, and it’s something you should consider when it comes to vaping at a bonfire event. For best practice, it’s recommended to protect your vape from extreme temperatures, and replace the batteries if they get wet or damaged. At a firework or bonfire event where you’re outside, you’ll want to ensure that your device doesn’t overheat, and doesn’t get wet – if it’s raining, you might want to put it away. Safety aside, however, what are the regulations surrounding vaping at both public and private events? Let’s look at all you need to know about Bonfire Night vaping.

Should I Vape at a Public Firework Event?

The rules around vaping at a public firework event will depend on the organisers of the event – you may be allowed to vape, though you might be restricted to certain areas. It’s worth getting in touch with the organisers beforehand if you’re not sure what the rules are, so you’ll know what to expect.  

When vaping at a public firework event, however, remember that there could be a lot of people, so there’s vaping etiquette to keep in mind to minimise the chance of annoying others. It might sound obvious, but you might decide to avoid using your vape in crowded areas with lots of people, blowing out large clouds of vapour, or choosing a strong-smelling e-liquid. 

Can I Vape at a Private Bonfire Event?

Like with vaping at a public bonfire event, whether you can use your vape at a private event will depend on the organisers. If you’re at a friend’s house, for example, and you’re not sure whether you can vape or not, it’s best to ask them. If they say yes, then you’re free to vape. If not, you might want to think about leaving it at home, or at least moving away from the event to use it.

Even if you are allowed to use your vape, however, there’s etiquette to consider. First, would your friend rather you kept your vape use to a particular area so as not to intrude on other guests? It might be worth asking to avoid potential upset. 

Just as at public bonfire events, larger, more complex vapes like box mods which produce more vapour could be annoying for others in a private setting too, particularly if you’re vaping close to others. For this reason, some vapers also have a smaller device, which they use in busier settings or on the go to avoid big clouds of vapour. 

People may also find the smell of the vapour annoying. If you’re going to a friend or colleague’s firework event, it might not be the best time to try out a new flavour – instead, consider sticking with one that you know isn’t too strong. 


In short, if you’re allowed to vape you can go ahead, but do so in a way that maximises everybody’s comfort at the event – consider others who might not want to be around vaping. Or, for more places where you can vape in public, why not take a look at our list of vape-friendly pubs?


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