Can I Vape in a Nightclub?

By JC Connington
Published on 19/07/2022

The UK ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces was introduced in 2007 and since then smoking hasn’t been allowed in indoor concerts, nightclubs and similar venues. However, this does not apply to vaping as vaping doesn’t produce smoke. There’s no such law when it comes to vaping in indoor spaces, leading to many vapers not knowing where they might be allowed to vape.

The warmer weather and barbeque season is upon us and as we move into the summer of 2022 – we wanted to answer the question - 'are you allowed to vape in nightclubs?' Read on to find out.​

Being Mindful of Others

Some venues outline rules on smoking but not vaping. In most instances it is best not to assume that you can go ahead and use a vape. You could even risk being removed from the venue or at minimum potentially annoying staff or fellow patrons. Instead, it’s better to be safe and contact the venue to ask them beforehand or stick with the smokers in the designated smoking areas outside. Many nightclubs have roof gardens, outdoor spaces and open-air spaces which allow vape users to use their devices. It is always best to check if you are not sure.

If we look at some popular clubs as examples, Oval Space makes it clear that smoking in no-smoking areas can lead to ejection from the venue, but make no reference to vaping, as do XOYO. Similarly, Village Underground don’t allow smoking inside the venue, but while not mentioning vaping itself do say that vape liquids aren’t permitted to be brought in.

In their list of venue rules, Printworks outline that both smoking and the use of e-cigarettes are only allowed in designated outdoor smoking areas – nowhere else. Ultimately, if you’re not sure what the rules are it’s best to err on the side of caution. The nightclub you’re going to may well have different rules, so be sure to always check with the individual venue. 

Vaping etiquette at nightclubs 

If you are allowed to vape at a nightclub, it’s probably worth considering vaping etiquette in order to reduce the chances of upsetting others.  ​

People might find huge clouds of vapour annoying when you’re all inside, or they might not like the smell. In this instance, try to have breaks between vaping and perhaps don’t vape in the more crowded areas of the club. Even if vaping is allowed inside, why not consider going to a designated outdoor smoking area, roof garden or other outside space? Particularly if you’re with other people who are smoking cigarettes, or fellow vapers who are also happy to go outside, you might enjoy a break from the indoors and possibly have more space around you.  ​

While you’re not obliged to consider vaping etiquette, if vaping is permitted by the venue it’s probably worth being respectful of others and taking their preferences into account – it’ll make your experience more pleasant. ​

Hopefully, you should now have a better idea of whether you can vape inside a nightclub but if you’d like to know more about vaping in public places just click the link.

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