Posted June 29, 2022

How to fix the 'No Atomizer' or 'Check Atomizer' issue on a Vape

By JC Connington
Date Published 24/06/2022

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Some new generation vaping devices, such as box mods, come equipped with LED screens which display information such as voltage/wattage and battery life. The digital screen enables users to adjust various settings and personalise their vaping experience. Sometimes, the device might display ‘No atomizer’, ‘Atomizer short’ or ‘Check atomizer’ errors, indicating a connection issue between the device and your coil. While this may at first be concerning, the issue is more common than you might expect and is usually easily rectified. There are plenty of ways to identify the cause, and fortunately, fixing atomizer connection’ issues is not an overly complicated process. 

What Does ‘No Atomizer’ Mean on a Vape?

There are a few variations of this message that a vape may display, including:

  • ‘No atomizer’

  • ‘Atomizer short’

  • ‘Check atomizer’

These messages mean that there is a connection issue between your vape and the atomizer; you’ll see one of these errors displayed if you attempted to power up your device without any atomizer attached. These errors do not mean your device is beyond repair, or that your atomizer/coil necessarily needs replacing; there are a few things you can try to fix this issue. The warning likely suggests that the main issue is with the connection that lets each component know that the other is there.  Here’s how to diagnose and how to fix ‘no atomizer’ issues.

Check Your Atomizer & Coils

At this point, it’s probably not clear whether the issue is with your device or just with your atomizer. If you have more than one device, remove the atomizer from the device displaying an error message and try it on another vape mod. If the new device displays an error message, the issue is likely within the tank or coil and not the device. If you don’t have another vape mod but you have a replacement atomizer/tank, try replacing the original atomizer with the new one; if the problem does not persist with a new atomizer, then the issue is with your original atomizer. If you don’t have a spare device or replacement atomizer, try the following:

  • Check the connection between the atomizer head and tank. Remove the base of the tank (ensure the e-liquid has been fully depleted prior to dismantling the tank). Now, check that your coil is screwed into the tank correctly and that the screw threads do not get crossed. 

  • Check the age of your coil. All atomizer heads need replacement at some point. If you think this is the case, try replacing your coil with a new one, remembering to prime the new coil before use. 

  • Check the 510 connection on your vape mod and tank. A 510 connector is comprised of two threaded pieces which form an integral part of the electrical circuit. The connection can be made with a range of designs, for example, some may screw into place, others are pressed in, some are spring-loaded etc. When assembling your device, ensure your tank is not overtightened onto the mod; this could shift the 510 connectors up into the tank and interfere with the connection. 

  • Clean the 510 connector threads. If there is dirt in the 510 connector threads, this could prevent the circuit from operating properly. Try cleaning the threads and remember to power off your device prior to dismantling.

  • Check for physical damage. You’re likely to come across this when cleaning your connections anyway, but make sure to inspect for any damage to your device or the atomizer, as this will create issues in the connection and could cause the ‘no atomizer’ warning to display. Of course, there isn’t much that can be done for damage apart from replacing the damaged component. Take care when replacing coils or screwing your atomizer into place so that you don’t cause future damage by applying too much force.

When All Else Fails

If the issue continues, the problem could be a faulty or defective device or component. If you suspect this is the case, contact your manufacturer to have the issue diagnosed, fixed, or to request a replacement.

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