How IQOS ILUMA ONE works: A Quick Guide

If you've recently purchased and are looking to find out how to use IQOS ILUMA ONE, then you've come to the right place. In this article, you can learn more about your new device and how to use it.

IQOS ILUMA ONE: Unique and Innovative Design

IQOS ILUMA ONE is the new tobacco heating device from the IQOS ILUMA line. It is an all-in-one model that does not require any cleaning and enables you to experience up to 20 consecutive uses with each full charge.

Like all our ILUMA devices, IQOS ILUMA ONE is also equipped with SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™ technology. This allows all our devices to offer a superior taste experience.

Find out how to start using your IQOS ILUMA ONE with just a few simple steps.


Follow these IQOS ILUMA ONE instructions to use your device:

  1. Slide the cap and insert a SMARTCORE STICK™ up to the wavy printed line on the filter
  2. To turn on IQOS ILUMA ONE, press the button for at least one second
  3. The device will vibrate and the lights will flash to notify you that pre-heating has started
  4. When the device vibrates and lights up a second time, it means the experience has begun
  5. When you feel a third vibration and the device starts flashing white light, it means the experience is about the end - with about 30 seconds or 2 puffs left
  6. Remove the stick and wait for it to cool completely before responsibly disposing in your general waste bin
  7. Slide the cap of your IQOS ILUMA ONE closed and store your pocket and all-in-one device wherever you like

For more information about how to insert the SMARTCORE STICKS™ correctly, follow the link.

Charging your IQOS ILUMA ONE

  1. Tap the button on your IQOS ILUMA ONE to check the battery level. If the bottom of the light strip blinks yellow, this means the battery is low on charge.
  2. Charge the IQOS ILUMA ONE with the power adaptor that comes together with the device. For a full charge, plug the device for at least 75 minutes. When full, all lights will stay solid white and then turn off.

How to check the battery level of IQOS ILUMA ONE

To check the battery level of your IQOS ILUMA ONE press the button located on the device . Depending on how many lights will turn on, you will be able to know the charge of your device. If the bottom of the light strip flashes yellow, the battery is low. 

  • 1 light on: charge level at 25%;
  • 2 lights on: 50% charge level;
  • 3 lights on: 75% charge level;
  • 4 lights on: 100% charge level.

A full charge offers up to 20 consecutive uses and remember: the first time you use it, you will need to fully charge your IQOS ILUMA ONE.

It is important to note that the best decision any adult smoker can make is to quit tobacco and nicotine use altogether. IQOS products are not alternatives to quitting and are not designed as cessation aids. IQOS is not risk-free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. The best decision any adult smoker can make is to quit tobacco and nicotine use altogether. 

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