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How to Redeem IQOS Promo Codes

How Can I Redeem an IQOS Promo Code?

To use your promo code, you must enter this at the checkout. There will be an empty box stating, "Enter the promo code", enter your promo code and then once you have clicked OK: a message will appear to inform you of the correct entry. Select "Order Now" to proceed with the payment.

Unfortunately, you are not able to enter your promo code after purchase. You are also not able to use more than one promo code per order.

How Can I Remove an IQOS Promo Code from my Account?

If you’d like to delete an IQOS promo code that has already been entered? Then click on the "remove" in the overview before performing payment. IQOS vouchers usually have a limited period of validity and can only be redeemed for one product in the shopping basket.

Why Can't I Redeem an IQOS Promo Code?
Please note that a promo code can only be used one time and needs to be redeemed within a limited period of time. The period of validity cannot be extended. 
Can I combine promo codes?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to combine multiple promo codes.

Can I Redeem Additional IQOS Promo Codes During a Promotion (e.g. Price Reduction)?

Yes. You can also redeem an additional code (such as an IQOS Referral Code) in the shopping basket during a special promotion period.


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