How Do You Stop Vape Coils Burning Out?

By Elina Panayotova


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How to Stop Vape Coils Burning Out?

The vape scene has grown enormously over the past decade, and it’s now possible to buy vape devices in a wide range of models. But whichever model you choose, it’s important to keep up with maintenance to ensure your device remains in the best condition.

A common issue with vape devices lies in their coils. Specifically, coils can burn out. The wick, usually made of cotton, is a key part of the coil, drawing liquid up from the tank to be warmed by the heating element. When this fabric burns, it’s referred to as the coil “burning out.”

If your vape coils keep burning out, you’ve probably got lots of questions you’d like an answer to. Can you burn a vape coil straight away? Is there anything you can do to stop coils from burning out? Read on to learn more about this annoying, but not insurmountable, issue.


Did I Burn My Vape Coil? What are the signs?

You are unlikely to realise your coil is burnt until you start vaping. There are a couple of indications that your coil may have burnt out, including:

  • A different flavour than usual
  • Little or no vapour being produced
  • Build-up inside the tank or your tank is running on empty


How did I burn my vape coil?

Vape coils burn when they haven’t soaked up enough vape juice. This leads to the heating element not warming the liquid on the wick, but the wick itself.


Why does my vape coil burn out so fast?

If you’re finding your vape coils are burning out fast, it could be that your temperature settings are too high, or that your choice of vape juice isn’t ideal. Generally, a replaceable coil should last between one and two weeks.


How Do I Stop My Vape Coil Burning Out Quickly?

The following pieces of advice can help ensure the longevity of your coils:


Don’t vape on an empty tank

Without juice, your wick cannot remain saturated, leading to the coils burning out. If you always vape with a full – or reasonably full – tank, you can ensure your wick remains saturated.


Prime your wick

Using your vape too soon after a coil replacement can also lead to a burnt wick. That’s why it’s important to prime the wick before use. Firstly, add a few drops of e-liquid directly to the wick. Then, leave it to soak for around 10 minutes. This should enable the coil to soak up enough e-juice. At this point, you can begin vaping.


Lower your temperature settings

Higher temperature settings may cause coils to burn out faster. By vaping on a lower temperature, you can reduce the chances of your coil burning out too quickly. There are also temperature control (TC) vaping devices that allow you to set a maximum temperature that your coils can reach, stopping them from getting too hot and burning out. Just remember to check the manufacturer’s instructions before using these types of devices.


Cut back on sweet flavoured juices

E-juices with high sugar content may caramelise around the wick, causing coils to ‘gunk up’. It’s fine to use them in moderation, but stay on the safe side by varying things up with e-juices that feature fewer sweeteners.


Choose higher propylene glycol ratio vape juices

Vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) are the base of any vape juice. The ratio can vary depending on your personal preference. VG is thicker than PG, which may make it difficult for the coil to absorb. If your vape coils keep burning out, it could be worth trying a different vape juice ratio.


What Are the Alternatives?

There are vape devices that get rid of the need to worry about coils, such as pod mods. Pod based vapes have the coil integrated within the device and is potentially easier to use without the requriement to change the coil.

Similarly, heated tobacco devices such as IQOS are another option. Since they don’t use any liquid, there’s no need to worry about coils gunking up or wicks burning out. HEETS can simply be inserted, used right away, and then disposed of.


Important information: IQOS is not risk-free. It delivers nicotine, which is addictive.

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