The Top 10 IQOS UK Shop Locations

While there are various different places you can buy IQOS online, you can also explore our products face-to-face in IQOS stores. 

With IQOS UK shops across the country, we've rounded up the top 10 locations to help adult users find their nearest store. From IQOS shops in London to other convenient spots, these stores provide the latest products and expert advice to enhance your IQOS journey.

IQOS Store London

Our IQOS UK shop in Kensington is just one of many places where you can find IQOS in the Capital. IQOS Kensington is our flagship store, offering an array of products and services. This London location sells a collection of devices, heated tobacco sticks, and accessories. It also offers guided trials of IQOS products, device activation, and device customisation services. 

Learn more about what IQOS Kensington has to offer via its IQOS UK shop page and the IQOS Kensington blog article

Address: 133 Kensington High St, London Kensington, London, W8 6SU

Opening times: Monday - Saturday: 10am - 7pm | Sunday: 11am - 5pm

Aside from IQOS Kensington, there are many other IQOS store London locations. Explore other locations across the city here.

IQOS in Manchester

While there’s no IQOS store in Manchester, you can buy IQOS in-store with a number of our partnered retailers in the area. Each location will have its own stocklist, and therefore, the IQOS products you can buy at each store may vary. Here are just a few of the shops where you can buy IQOS products in the area.

Supermarket chains


• Mosley Street

• Cross Street

• Overseas House

• 111 Piccadilly

• Whitworth Street

Vape Shops

Manchester VapeMan:

• Lever Street

IQOS in Edinburgh

IQOS is available in shops across the UK - not just in England but also in Scotland. Similar to Manchester, Edinburgh doesn’t have its own IQOS UK shop either. That said, you can still find IQOS products at various partnered retailers across the city. 

There are numerous Sainsbury’s, vape stores and newsagents throughout the city where you can buy IQOS. Here are a few of these store locations.

Supermarket chains


• Princes Mall (Princes Street)

• St. Andrew Square

• Howe Street

• Simpson Loan

• West Port

Vape Shops


• Middlefield (Leith Walk)

Pro Vapor:

• Clerk Street (Newington)


Mc News:

• Newkirkgate (Leith)

IQOS in Birmingham

There are several shops in Birmingham that sell IQOS products, including Costcutter, newsagents, Nisa, Sainsbury’s, and more. Again, similar to finding IQOS in Manchester and Edinburgh, Birmingham doesn’t have an IQOS store. Here are a few top locations where you can find IQOS in Birmingham.

Supermarket chains


• Priory Queensway

• Colmore Row

• Navigation Street


• Bull Street



• Digbeth

• Lower Loveday Street

Vape shops

Jewel of Vape:

• Warstone Lane

IQOS in Leeds

You can buy IQOS in-store across various locations in Leeds too. From Morrisons to Sainsbury’s, newsagents and vape stores, shop IQOS products throughout the city at the following locations, and beyond.

Supermarket chains


• Merrion Shopping Centre

• Harehills Lane (Harehills)


• The Headrow

• Boar Lane

• City Station

• Vicar Lane

• Wellington Pl (Whitehall Rd)

Vape Shops

Vape Shop: 

• Leeds Kirkgate Market


The Beautiful News Agents:

• Arena Way (Merrion Centre)

IQOS in Liverpool

Adult users in Liverpool also have a range of IQOS shop locations to choose from - including convenience stores, big chains like Sainsbury’s and Tesco, as well as a few vape retailers. Explore some of these options below.

Supermarket chains


• Nations House (Edmund Street)

• Castle Street

• Elliot Street


• Hanover Street

Vape Shops

Ace of Vapes: 

• Seaview Road (Liscard)


Angels News and Convenience:

• Selwyn Street (Kirkdale)

IQOS in Aberdeen

You’ll also find shops that stock IQOS across areas of Aberdeen. Find IQOS products in local convenience stores, and bigger chains like Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. Here are just a few locations for those looking for IQOS UK shops in Aberdeen.

Supermarket chains


• King Street


• St. Nicholas Centre

• Guild Street

• George Street

• Rosemount Place

• Union Street

Vape shops


• Union Street

Convenience stores


• Victoria Road

IQOS in Leicester

There’s also a number of stores that sell IQOS in Leicester, including convenience stores, big chains and vape shops. Find a few of the shops across the area that stock IQOS below.

Supermarket chains


• Granby Street

• London Road


• Aylestone Road


Hi News:

• High Street

City Off Licence: 

• Church Gate

Vape shops

Ecig Wizard:

• Gallowtree Gate

IQOS in Bristol

IQOS products can also be bought in selected retailers and stores across Bristol. Here are a few locations you can purchase our products in-store.

Supermarket chains


• Broadmead

• Union Street (Broadmead)

• Dovetail (New Kingsley Road)

• Broad Quay

Vape shops


• The Horsefair (Broadmead)


Clements News:

• St Georges Road

IQOS in Glasgow

Glasgow is another area in Scotland where you can purchase IQOS products. Explore shops to purchase IQOS from below.

Supermarket chains


• Gordon Street

• Argyle Street

• Buchanan Galleries

• Port Dundas Place


• Crossmyloof

Vape shops


• Union Street

• Sauchiehall Street



• Hope St

• Lancefield Quay

From the south to the north of the UK and many places in between, adult users across the country can find our products in a huge range of shops. While above, we’ve explored the top 10 IQOS UK shop locations, these aren’t the only areas where you can find our products. You can search for other areas where IQOS is available in stores via our store locator.

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