What Alternatives to Smoking Can I Buy at Airports?

When you’re at an airport, you might be wondering what alternatives to smoking are available. If you’re going on holiday but you’ve forgotten to pack your vape or heated tobacco device for example, will you be able to buy another before you fly? 

Here, we’ll take a look at the various alternatives to smoking out there, whether they sell them at the airport, and whether you’re able to take any of these products on the plane with you. 

What Type of Alternatives to Smoking Are There? 

When you think of alternatives to smoking, vaping may well come to mind. Likewise, you might think of heated tobacco. Heated tobacco products like IQOS devices heat specially-designed tobacco sticks like HEETS.

Do They Sell Alternatives to Smoking at Airports?  

A lot of different alternatives to smoking are found at the airport. While airports may differ from one another in the specific  products sold, alternatives to smoking like vapes and heated tobacco products are generally sold at airports.

There’s a wide range of IQOS products sold at airports, and you’re able to pre-order IQOS products from duty-free via the IQOS travel website if you’re going to be visiting an airport with an IQOS shop. 

If you’re visiting London Heathrow, London Gatwick, or Bristol, you can buy an IQOS 3 DUO kit, while they’re also among the ten UK airports selling HEETS tobacco sticks.

However, while they might be sold at airports, using alternatives to smoking products like vapes and heated tobacco at the airport is treated the same as using cigarettes. If you’d like to use an alternative to smoking at the airport in the UK, you’ll need to find a dedicated smoking area. 

It’s also important to remember that heated tobacco and e-cigarette airport rules can vary around the world, being heavily restricted or even banned outright in some areas. It’s best to check the laws and regulations of the country you’re traveling  to beforehand.

Taking Vapes and Other Alternatives to Smoking Products on a Plane 

If you’ve bought alternatives to smoking at the airport, or previously brought them with you, can you take them on the plane? It’ll depend on the alternative you’ve got with you.

You can bring vapes and e-cigarettes on a plane, but they must be in your hand luggage. However, e-liquids can be packed into your hold luggage as they’re not electronic. 

As IQOS is a tobacco heating system, there are certain regulations around bringing it onto a plane. You should keep it with your hand luggage as you would a smartphone or laptop, but using your IQOS on the plane is prohibited, as is using vapes and e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes, vapes, and heated tobacco products must be taken out and put into the container provided when passing through airport security, again just like smartphones and laptops. 

For more specific information and to avoid potential disappointment, you may want to check with your airlines and with local authorities before traveling .

Now you know more about the rules around buying smoking alternatives at airports, why not find out more about using with our vape travel guide?

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