The Ultimate Vaping Travel Guide: How to Enjoy Your Vape on Holiday

It’s that time of year. You’re excited, ready to pack and leave town to relax on your well-deserved holiday. But there’s some questions on your mind: can you travel with your vape or e-cigarette? Can you vape on a train or on a boat? And what happens if you don’t find your preferred vape at the destination? 

Our ultimate vaping travel guide will answer all your questions on travelling with vapes and e-cigarettes so that you can focus on enjoying the best holiday of your life. Let’s get started.  


Preparing for Travel: What to Pack and How to Pack it

Before you head off, you'll need to take care of the not-so-fun stuff, like packing. Here are some things you should include in your vaping travel kit: 

● Your vape device and charger - if you’re taking a reusable device. Make sure to fully charge your device and clean it before you leave.

● Enough e-liquid or pods for the duration of your trip. Check for any legal limits on how much e-liquid you can take with you before travelling. The limits may vary depending on the mode of transport you’re using to travel to your destination. 

● A vape case or pouch. This will protect your device from dust, dirt, moisture, and damage while travelling. You can also use it to store your e-liquid, pods, charger, and other accessories in one place.

● A travel adapter. If you're travelling to a different country or region, you may need a travel adapter to plug in your charger. Check the voltage and plug type of your destination before you leave and get the appropriate adapter for your device. 

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How to Accessorise Your Vape While Travelling

You can accessorise your vape to suit your travel needs. Here are some examples of how to use accessories while travelling with your vape: 

● If you're going on a beach holiday, you can use a waterproof pouch or case to protect your device from water and sand. You can also use a lanyard or a carabiner clip to attach it to your bag or clothing, so you don't lose it or drop it in the ocean. 

● Are you a hiker or a camper? Use a solar charger or a power bank to keep your vaping device charged when there's no electricity available. You can also use a torch attachment or a glow-in-the-dark sleeve to help you see in the dark. 

● For a skiing or a snowboarding trip, you can use a thermal pouch or case to keep your vaping device warm and prevent freezing.  

● If a city break is your thing, you can use a stylish case or pouch for your vape while you’re on the go. You can also use a keychain attachment or a wrist strap to keep your device handy and secure. 

Accessories can be a great way to get more from your vape while travelling. 

Travelling by Plane From the UK: What you Need to Know About Vaping in Airports and on a Plane

One of the most common questions that adult vapers have when travelling is can you take vapes on a plane? The answer is: it depends. 

Airports and airlines have different policies regarding vaping, so it's important to do some research before you travel. Some airports may allow vaping in designated smoking areas or lounges, while others may ban it completely. Most airlines don’t allow the use of vapes on planes. 

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To avoid any confusion, you should: 

● Check the website of your airport and airline for their vaping policies and regulations. If you're not sure, you can also contact their customer service or ask a staff member when you arrive. 

● Follow the signs and instructions of airport security and airline staff.  

● Be courteous when vaping in public areas, even where vaping is allowed, and be sure to use the designated spaces around the airport.

If you want to know more, check out our airport smoking guide.  

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Can you bring vapes on a plane?

Another common question adult vapers ask is can you take disposable vapes on a plane? You may also be wondering, can you take e-liquid on a plane? This will vary depending on the airline. 

Before going through security, especially if you’re travelling abroad, you may need to declare your vapes and e-liquids at customs and pay taxes or duties on them. You should always check the customs regulations of your destination and origin countries before you travel.  

You may be asking, can you take vapes in hand luggage? The answer is yes. You should always keep your device and e-liquid in your hand luggage, not in your checked baggage. This will prevent them from getting lost, damaged or possibly confiscated by airport security. 

When going through airport security, place your e-liquid in bottles or pods that are no larger than 100 ml in a clear plastic bag along with your other liquids. This will make it easier for airport security to inspect them. 

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How many vapes can I take abroad? Are there limits to the amount of vapes or e-liquid you can bring with you? Good question.  

Limits are based on quantity, weight, volume, or value. You should always check the limits of your destination and origin countries before you travel and stick to them. You may find it helpful to pack your vapes and e-liquids separately from your other belongings and label them clearly. 

In certain places, there are bans imposed on vapes. Check the vaping laws in your destination and origin countries before travelling and avoid buying or bringing back any prohibited products. 

Remember, vaping is still a relatively new smoke-free experience and not everyone is familiar or comfortable with it. Be respectful and responsible while travelling. 

Travelling by Boat: Advice on Vaping on Cruise Ships, Ferries, and Yachts

Travelling by boat, cruise ship, a ferry, or even a yacht can be lots of fun. But, you'll need to follow some etiquette when vaping on a boat.  

Can you vape on a cruise ship? Generally speaking, you should only vape in designated outside smoking areas. Many boats will have designated smoking areas or cabins where you can vape without bothering other passengers or crew members. Make sure you double check the vaping requirements with the operator before boarding.  

Unsure what to do with your empty e-liquid bottles and pods? Don’t throw them overboard or leave them lying around. Instead, use the bins provided on board or ask the staff for assistance on how to recycle them. 

Can you Vape on a Train? What to Consider When Taking Your Vape on Railways and Subways

Vaping on trains is generally not allowed and it’s unlikely you will be able to use your vape while on board. 

Also, check that you will be able to use your device and any e-liquids you may wish to take with you. This is particularly important if you are crossing borders between countries - or even multiple countries during your journey.  

One question frequently asked by adult vapers is, can you vape on a train platform? The rules on vaping may vary between train stations, so you should check with the train company for more accurate information before travelling. If you want to vape near a train station or any other permissible public outdoor space, it’s best to find a quiet spot where you can enjoy your vape without getting in the way of others. 

VEEV NOW is a disposable vaping device for adult smokers, which you should be able to pack in your main luggage or hand luggage. However, we suggest you double check this with the train company before travelling.  

Vaping at your Destination

You’ve made it, it’s now time to relax. However, before you take out your device, make sure it’s legal to vape in the country. 

What’s the vaping etiquette and culture at your holiday destination?

Different countries may have different laws regarding vaping, like age restrictions, taxes, bans, or limits. Research the rules of your destination country before you travel and, when you’re there, ask a local adult vaper or a vape vendor for advice.  

Always be respectful and courteous when vaping in public places. You should also avoid vaping in places where it may be considered rude or inappropriate, such as religious sites, historical monuments, or cultural events.  

Buying Vapes and E-Liquids Abroad: What you Need to Know

During your holiday, you may realise that you're running low on e-liquid or pods. If this is the case, you may be wondering whether you can buy vapes and e-liquids abroad.

Here are some things to watch out for: 

● Regulations: Vapes and e-liquids may be subject to different regulations. This may include age restrictions, nicotine limits, flavour bans, packaging requirements, or labelling standards. Always check the regulations before making a purchase.

● Compatibility: Sometimes vapes and e-liquids are not compatible with your device. This may be due to factors like the device type, coil resistance, wattage range, nicotine strength, or flavour profile. You should always check the compatibility of products before you buy them. It can be useful to have a backup device or e-liquid pod in case of incompatibility issues - subject to the limits of how many you can travel with.  

● Availability: Check the local availability and quality of e-liquid and pods. Depending on where you're travelling to, you may not be able to find your preferred brand or flavour of e-liquid or pods. You should always buy e-liquid and pods from reputable sources, such as official websites or trusted vape shops.  

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How to Adapt your Vaping to Different Weather Conditions

Our vaping products have been carefully designed and heavily tested to withstand all weather conditions. Here are some ways you can make the most of your device, pods and e-liquids to ensure you get the best experience while travelling: 

● Cold weather: Store your device away from cold and moisture. Placing your device in a jacket or trouser pocket may be a good idea. 

● Wet weather: If you are concerned about what happens if a disposable vape gets wet, we recommend using waterproof protection to keep your vape dry. Avoid leaving your vape in your pocket or purse where it can get damp. If your battery or coil gets wet, you can turn off your vape and let it dry for some time. Do not use your vape until it’s completely dry. 

● Hot weather: Store your device in a cool, dry and dark place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. You should also use a lower-wattage device or a pod system, as this produces less heat and vapour. If you’re in an especially dry place, like a desert, keep your device and e-liquid away from the high temperature and dust.  

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Troubleshooting: How to deal with common problems and issues when travelling with e-cigarettes

What if you lose or break your device? What if you run out of e-liquid? Or, what if there’s no more battery life? When travelling, anything can happen. Below are a few possible solutions to common vape problems on holiday. 

● Losing or breaking your device: 

If you lose or break your device while travelling, don’t worry. Depending on where you’re travelling to, you might be able to buy a new one from a vape shop or online store. You could also use a backup device if you have one.  

● Leaking or spilling your e-liquid: 

If you spill your e-liquid, clean it up as quickly as possible with some paper towels or tissues, or wash it off with some water if it's on your skin or clothes. Generally, you should try to avoid e-liquid coming into direct contact with your skin. You can also prevent leaking or spilling by storing your e-liquid in a sealed container or bag, or by using a leak-proof device or pod system. 

● Running out of battery or e-liquid: 

You may find that your battery runs out of power or your e-liquid runs out. In this case, you can recharge your battery with a charger, a power bank, or a solar charger. You can also refill your e-liquid with a bottle, a pod, or a cartridge, or buy some more from a local vape shop or online store. Don’t forget, many e-liquid pods are only compatible with the same brand of vaping device.  

Travelling with vapes FAQs

Let’s explore some frequently asked questions that vapers have when travelling with vapes. 

It depends on the hotel policy and the type of room. Some hotels may allow vaping in smoking rooms or on balconies, while others may ban it completely. You should always check the hotel policy before you book or check-in. Read our guide on vaping in hotels for more information. 

It depends on your personal preference and travel style. Generally speaking, you should look for a device that is portable, durable, versatile, and easy to use. You may also want to consider a device that is compatible with different types of e-liquids, pods, coils, and batteries.  

It depends on the mode of transportation and the policy of the operator. Some modes of transportation may allow vaping in designated areas or cabins, while others may prohibit it entirely. You should always check the policy of the mode of transportation before you board. You should also be discreet and courteous when vaping in a plane, boat, or train and avoid bothering other passengers. If you want to know more about vapes on planes and other modes of transportation, read our article about vaping on public transport.  

For more VEEV NOW and vaping related FAQs, check out our FAQ section.

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This article is for general information and educational purposes. Some of the information in this article is based on external, third-party sources and we make no representations or warranties of any kind regarding the accuracy, validity or completeness of such information.