Are You Allowed to Vape in Hotels/Holiday Properties?

By Eina Panayotova


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Are You Allowed to Vape in Hotels?

If you’ve booked a holiday, you may be wondering whether vaping is going to be permitted by your accommodation.

In the UK, vaping indoors is not prohibited by law (unlike smoking). However, it is up to the discretion of the establishment owner to decide if vaping is prohibited in their premises..

We’ll take a look at whether hotels and holiday properties allow vaping. Plus, we’ll provide you with some of the best tips for taking a vape on holiday and how to ensure you follow the rules and regulations for vaping while in hotels or holiday properties.

Can You Vape in Hotels?

Before we go into policies around vaping, let’s explore smoking more generally.

Not all hotels ban smoking throughout the property. The Dorchester, for example, has dedicated smoking rooms that guests can book, while maintaining the indoor smoking ban in all shared areas.[1] Chains like Premier Inn and Travelodge completely ban smoking and vaping inside their properties. [2]

If you can see no evidence of a vaping policy, don’t assume there isn’t one, you should ask a member of staff at the hotel/accommodation to find out the specific rule that applies. So, what about vaping?

Well, there is no law against vaping indoors. Consequently, vaping policies are at the discretion of management. You may find small, independent hotels have different rules on allowing vaping in shared spaces as well as your personal room. You should always check with the staff before powering up your device. As a general rule, if a hotel is non-smoking throughout, it’s likely to also be vape-free. Businesses are within their rights to stop you from vaping on their premises.

If you plan to book accommodation with the intention of vaping, you should always check with management to see if it will be allowed. Vaping in a hotel where it is not permitted could lead to a fine, or ejection from the premises. Hotels reserve the right to remove guests for any reason if they feel you are not respecting the terms of your stay.

Are You Allowed to Vape on a Hotel Balcony?

Vaping isn’t often restricted in outside spaces, although some hotels may direct you to a dedicated smoking area. While hotel balconies are indeed outside, some hotels consider them to be an extension of the room, with the same rules applying. If a hotel is smoke-free throughout, you should assume the same rules apply for vaping. As always, it’s best to ask.

Is Vaping Banned in Other Holiday Properties?

Other accommodation options like hostels and B&Bs may have different rules surrounding vaping. B&Bs are often independent businesses, and the rules can be whatever the owners choose to be appropriate.

The same is true for hostels. Some hostels may allow vaping. However, they may also implement a blanket ban on smoking and vaping. It really comes down to the individual hostels.

Are There Countries Where Vaping is Banned?

Some countries, such as Cambodia, have banned the sale, use, and import of e-cigarettes altogether, so you know for certain that all forms of accommodation will not allow you to use your device. It also means that you will not be able to vape anywhere, even outside.

As in the UK, the best course of action is to never assume you can vape. Always do your own research into the rules of the area you’re visiting and the accommodation you’re staying in. Do not take the word of other guests, make sure to check with management.

Another thing to consider when taking a vape on holiday is packing. All airlines have different rules when it comes to vaping equipment. Battery-powered e-cigarettes, vapes, and other electronic nicotine delivery systems, in almost all cases, can only travel in carry-on or hand luggage.



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