Vape Friendly Locations

By Eina Panayotova

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What is a Vape Friendly Location?

By now, we’re largely familiar with the laws and regulations around smoking, and we know that they’re often rather stringent. Since the introduction of the indoor smoking ban in 2007, smoking indoors in public has been a no-go, and various establishments have their own rules around smoking in their outside areas too. But what about vaping?

As e-cigarettes are very much a more recent technology, it can be tricky to know whether you’re allowed to use your vape in a typical location. Before getting your vape out, you might be wondering if it’s treated the same as a cigarette or if the rules differ.

Fortunately, there are some vape-friendly locations out there, like vape friendly pubs, for example. These, as the name suggests, are locations where vaping is permitted. If you’d like to know more about vape friendly locations, just keep reading on!

What is the Law for Vaping in Public Areas?

When compared to the US, where some states have put restrictions in place around vaping in public outdoor spaces, there are currently no such laws in the UK.

Essentially, when vaping in public, it’s down to the owner of the establishment to decide the rules. Vaping is not currently banned anywhere, but businesses and individuals are free to implement their own restrictions should they wish to. For example, all major airlines have banned vaping on board, and many shops and businesses don’t permit indoor vaping either.

Some venues will be vape friendly, allowing people to use e-cigarettes. Your best bet is to check the website of your destination before you go, call ahead, or ask an employee while you’re there before you begin to vape.

Vaping in Pubs

There are currently no laws against vaping in pubs, but many pubs ban vaping inside. Popular UK chains have done so, too, with Wetherspoons making it clear on their website that e-cigarettes and vaporisers aren’t allowed outside of designated smoking areas.[1] Mitchell and Butlers, who own a number of pubs and restaurants, including Harvester, O’Neill’s and Toby Carvery, don’t allow guests and visitors to vape indoors either.[2]

Of course, some vape friendly pubs are happy to allow vaping. You may have more luck with non-franchised pubs rather than those belonging to a chain, but it might be worthwhile to call ahead.

Of course, one alternative – regardless of whether vaping is allowed indoors or not – is to simply go outside to use your vape. If the weather’s good, you might decide to sit outside anyway, which means you can use your vape. Remember that some pubs do ban smoking outside as well, so vaping outside may not be possible at these establishments. Again - just ask!

Vaping at Festivals and Events

When heading to festivals or similar events, the same applies because there are no laws against vaping at festivals, gigs, or other open and outdoor areas in the UK. Still, different places will have their own regulations.

You’re likely to find that many events do allow vaping, but only in open spaces. Take large festivals like Glastonbury, for instance. While you’re allowed to vape, you should probably put the e-cigarettes away in enclosed spaces, such as big top tents.[3]

One of the primary concerns when vaping at festivals and events are the people around you. For example, if you’re watching your favourite band and you’re right at the front of the stage, even if you’re outside and well within your rights to vape, other festival-goers standing around you may not take too kindly to being covered with plumes of vapour. You can vape if the rules permit it, by all means, but a little courtesy and respect will make your experience, and the experience of others, a lot more pleasant.

Vaping Cafes

Places that people don’t perhaps consider are vaping cafes. Of course, there are cafes everywhere, with all sorts of different themes, from gaming cafes to cat cafes, but vaping cafes are starting to pop up here and there, catering to people who vape and want somewhere to do so alongside other vapers.

Many vaping cafes are retailers with smaller cafes or vape bars incorporated into them. They offer somewhere for people to vape, and some even host events like quiz nights allowing vapers to socialise together.

Other outlets, styling themselves more like a diner or restaurant, let visitors vape indoors. Vape friendly cafes and eateries like these could well become more ubiquitous in time, so it’s worth looking for places in your area where vaping might be allowed.

Socialising Spots

If you’re in the mood to socialise but don’t particularly want to go for a drink, there are some socialising spots that are vape friendly. They can be as simple as a public park. Nothing stops you from vaping in an open space like a park, so why not get out and about and visit a social spot that’s likely to be vape friendly?

Vaping at home is always an option too. Of course, you’re free to vape at home – though the rules may be a little different if you rent or live in a house-share.

How to Find Out If a Venue or Place is Vape Friendly?

It doesn’t need to be an uphill battle to find out if somewhere is vape friendly. You can check beforehand by looking online, sending the venue an email, or simply ask when you get there. There might be signs directing visitors to a specific area for vaping or letting guests know that smoking and vaping aren’t allowed, but if in doubt, just ask!

Even if vaping is permitted, consider those around you. If you’re outside or it’s crowded, you may want to find a quieter spot to vape, or keep it away for a little while so as not to risk inconveniencing other people.

Not every location will be particularly vape friendly, but you should hopefully have a few potential destinations in mind now, whether you’re heading to a vape friendly pub or a cafe. If you want to know more about vaping when you’re out and about, why not check out our guide to vaping in public places.




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