Safe Storage of Vaping Devices & Accessories

By James Powley

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Where do you keep your vape when you’re not using it? Taking a bit of extra care to store your device safely can ensure that your equipment remains in top condition, ready for the next time you want to use it.

Why is Safe Storage of Vaping Equipment Important?

When you’re finished using your laptop or smartphone, do you simply cast it aside, or do you make an effort to store it in a safe, secure place? Hopefully, it’s the latter! Well, the same principle applies to your vape and any associated equipment. Nobody wants to replace their device sooner than they have to, and by storing yours safely – in a vape storage box, for instance – you can make sure that it’s protected against scratches or damage. Plus, unsafe storage may cause you to lose or misplace your equipment.

Top Tips For Properly Storing Your Vape Device

Before we get started, it’s important to remember that your first port of call for vape storage advice should be the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Different vapes have different requirements, and the following tips may not be suitable for specific devices. If in doubt, check with your manufacturer.

When you leave your vape somewhere, it’s best to store it upright. If you leave your device on its side, it might leak and it’ll be easier for dust or dirt particles to enter the device as well. It’s also best to keep your vape device at room temperature. This means keeping it away from sources of heat, like lamps and radiators, as well as sources of cold (for example, an open window). And what about batteries? It’s important to store these in a safe environment too. In short, you should store them in a case or container within a high, cool and dry environment.

What are the Best Storage Accessories?

To give your device some added protection, you might consider looking at some of the different vape storage accessories on the market. For example, there are a range of vape storage boxes/stands available to purchase.

A vape storage box or case (essentially a small, handheld carry bag) can be useful if you carry your vape around with you regularly. Hard-shell cases and bags can protect your device, while they may offer room for e-liquids and accessories too. Alternatively, you may want to look into larger storage options for vaping equipment. You can buy cupboards and wardrobes composed of sections that can hold your equipment, perfect for anyone with a large collection of vape-related items.

How to Properly Store Your E-Liquid

Vape liquid storage is simple, as you don’t need to do a whole lot to make sure your e-liquids are kept safe for usage. Firstly, ensure that you keep your liquid containers airtight. This means making sure that the lid is on and screwed tightly shut when not in use.

Secondly, you should bear in mind the effects of light and heat on your vape juice. Light and heat can negatively affect your e-liquid’s taste and consistency, so it’s best to store it somewhere that’s fairly dark and not too warm. If you’re only going to be storing your liquid for a few weeks or months, a dark cupboard is a suitable place to store it. Generally speaking, e-liquids should be stored at room temperature, i.e., around 20–22 °C.

It’s important to note that you probably shouldn’t store e-liquids in the freezer. This is because two of the main ingredients in e-liquid – propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) – cool and freeze at different points.[1][2] As a result, they may separate if you store your e-juice in the freezer. Some people choose to keep their e-liquids in the fridge since it’s dark and should keep your e-liquid fairly cool. However, this isn’t recommended as VG and some flavourings have naturally high levels of sugar, so storing your e-liquid in the fridge can cause crystallisation and oxidation.

You might also be wondering whether you can store e-liquid in plastic containers too. Ultimately, it’s best to keep your e-liquid in the packaging/container it comes in. Transferring them from the manufacturer’s packaging to plastic/glass containers may contaminate the e-liquid, so it’s best to avoid storing your e-liquid this way.

If you want to find out more about vaping in general, we’re here to help. You can learn more in our guide to vaping.



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