Why is My Vape Spitting?

By Elina Panayotova

Vape devices come in many different variations, but in most cases, they’re user-friendly and easy to maintain. Consequently, it can be alarming when something goes wrong with your vape. However, issues are usually simple to identify and fix. A common problem for some devices revolves around the vape spitting when it’s being used. In this guide, we’ll look at the most common causes and solutions for how to stop a vape spitting.

Before we look into the causes of this issue, it’s important to know what vape you have, as different models have different builds and the components vary.

Pod mods don’t use tanks. Instead, the vape juice is pre-loaded in pods. If you’re having issues with pod mod vape spitting, the problem may be with the pod rather than the device itself. Changing the pod should fix this issue, but if it persists, contact the manufacturer and stop using the device.

Box mods and vape pens use tanks that you need to fill manually with vape juice. Because there is a much more hands-on role for loading your vape pen or box mod with e-liquid, these types of devices can be more likely to develop vape spitting issues than pods. The solutions below apply to box mods and vape pens.

What is Spitting and Popping From a Vape?

Vape popping and spitting is also referred to as cracking, hot pops, or spit back. It occurs when the vape juice in your device escapes the tank or pod it is meant to be contained in. This can be accompanied by a popping sound, with the vape juice spluttering in the device and making its way up the mouthpiece.

It’s worth noting that quiet vape crackling with no liquid release is not an unusual part of vaping, and is usually a sign that the vape juice is being warmed by the coil. The crackling should be considered an issue when it’s combined with spitting or is louder than usual. If you have recently switched from a pod mod or vape pen to a box mod, you may also find the crackling louder than you are used to, but again, this is not necessarily evidence of an issue with your device. If you are ever in doubt, however, you should contact your vape’s manufacturer.

Why Does My Vape Spit?

There are multiple reasons why vape popping and spitting can occur, but in most cases, it’s due to the vape’s coil becoming flooded with vape juice. Rather than warming up on the vape’s wick and turning to vapour, the wick has become oversaturated. This leaves the vape juice on the raw metal of the heating element and – much like splashing water over a hot hob ring – the liquid bubbles and spits.

If you use an RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomiser), which allows you to break down the coil to its composite parts and replace the wick separately, it may be that you haven’t installed a new wick correctly. Wicks should fit snugly into the wick ports, without overstuffing or under-filling them.

How to Stop Vape Spitting

There are several ways to prevent vape spitting, some easier than others. Before you tamper with your device, your first port of call should always be with the manufacturer. Describe your issue and follow the advice and guidance they provide — defective vapes should always be reported to their makers and are not to be tampered with.

Some of the things you can do without interfering with the inner workings of your vape to prevent spitting include:

Priming With Less Liquid

Priming your coil is when you place a few drops of vape juice onto the wick and leave it to absorb before you vape. This is key to preventing burnt coils, but it’s a careful balance. Over-saturating the wick makes it more likely to spit, as the vape coil is flooded with more liquid than it can vaporise.

Press The Power Button

If you have over-primed your vape, pressing the power button a few times can help use up the excess juice. This may be accompanied by loud vape popping and spitting but can help the vape return to normal after a few pulses.

Check Your Coils

You should try to stick to reputable brands for your coils, as well as straightforward designs. Coils with twisted designs can make it easier for liquid to get trapped and build up, causing wick flooding and other vape spitting issues. If your vape is spitting, try switching out to a standard coil. Of course, always be sure to pick a coil compatible with your device.

Your vape spitting may simply be a sign that your vape coil needs changing, so it may be as simple as switching out your coil. Do this and see if things improve.

Check Your Wattage

In the cases of vapes with adjustable wattage, you may need to turn the wattage up if you find your device isn’t properly vaporising juice. Don’t immediately set it to the highest setting, or you may burn the wick.

Check Your Power

Your vape may be low on power and therefore not becoming hot enough to turn your vape juice to vapour. Try charging or switching out your batteries.

Try Different Juice

The PG/VG ratio of vape juice can affect how it absorbs. PG (propylene glycol) & VG (vegetable glycerine) are two of the main base ingredients within a vape juice. E-liquids with high PG ratios are usually thinner, making it easier for your coil to be flooded, so if you are consistently over-saturating your wicks and causing spit back, try a higher VG juice.

Can Vape Spitting be Dangerous?

Always contact the manufacturer if you notice issues like this and discontinue using the device. If you accidentally get trace amounts of vape juice in your mouth due to spitback, be sure to spit it out and rinse your mouth. If you accidentally swallow vape juice, you should consult with a medical professional immediately.

Which Vapes Don’t Spit?

As all vape devices use a heating element and a liquid, there is always the potential for spitting, although it’s important to remember that this should not be a usual occurrence. For devices that are constantly spitting, you may have received a faulty unit, so cease use and contact the manufacturer.

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