Vaping & Renting Property

By Elina Panayotova

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There is no law against smoking in a rental property. However, ultimately, it’s up to the discretion of the landlord whether to allow tenants to smoke. Smoking indoors isn’t illegal in a single-occupancy exclusive rental, where an individual or a couple rents a flat, but in a house share, it’s a bit different. Where different rooms are let to different people, any common areas will fall under the indoor smoking ban, so it would be against the law to smoke there.

A property that smokers live in is likely to need more frequent restoration than one that non-smokers inhabit. Smoking indoors can leave a lingering smell that permeates throughout the house and soft furnishings. It could even discolour wallpaper and paintwork. It’s possible this could lead to a higher cost in refurbishment after the current tenancy of the smoker ends too.[1]

Can You Vape In A Rented House Or Flat?

By comparison, vaping perhaps presents fewer challenges to landlords. E-cigarette vapour evaporates in seconds [2] and, as a result, won’t linger, reducing the ability for the vapour to stay on walls and furniture. As an added benefit, you don’t get the smell of cigarette smoke either. People are often unclear whether vaping is allowed in rental properties and included in a smoke-free property policy.

When the difference between smoking and vaping comes up in a rental, tenants should discuss with their landlord first whether or not vaping will be allowed in the rented house. The fact of the matter is that whether tenants can vape in the house is solely up to the landlord. Whatever decision is made will be final and needs to be respected.

If you have been able to establish from your landlord that vaping has been agreed upon inside the rented property, it’s also considered good etiquette to ensure that everyone in the rental is on the same page. If you plan to vape indoors, ensure that all the other tenants are fine with it. All housemates will be responsible for securing the deposit at the end of the day, so it’s an important conversation in shared accommodation.

Alternatives to Vaping in Your Rented Property

If a landlord is strict about not smoking or vaping in your rented property, there are still options available to you. Stopping smoking is always the best option for you.

If you vape but aren’t allowed to do so inside the property, the option to vape outside is still available. Vaping outdoors, in a garden, or just on a walk about town is perfectly acceptable and additionally won’t land you in hot water with your landlord.

The best course of action in a rented property is to be completely open and honest with your landlord. This will ensure that there are no surprises when your tenancy ends, and you won’t be held liable for any potential damage caused.



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