Can You Take Vapes on a Plane & Through Airport Security?

In the 10 years since vapes were introduced to the UK, their popularity has grown significantly. An estimated 3.2 million adult users now vape in the UK*, choosing it as an alternative to continued smoking.

The first country to implement a ban on smoking cigarettes on domestic flights was Australia back in 1987**. By the year 2000, the sight of adults smoking a cigarette on an aircraft was rare.

There were initially no such regulations for vapes, otherwise known as e-cigarettes. However, the UK has since introduced restrictions on using vapes at airports and regulations for taking devices on flights. Here’s everything you need to know about taking your vape on a plane.



Can You Take Vapes on a Plane in the UK?

Yes, you can take your vape on a plane, although it is recommended to check with the airline before flying. You should pack the device in your hand luggage, alongside any batteries and coils. Just like many laptops and mobile phones, some vape devices use lithium batteries, which means they could become pressurised inside the hold. This can pose a potential fire hazard. When packing for a trip, we recommend securing your vape in hand luggage and inside its original packaging if possible. 

When you reach security, place your vaping device in a tray for scanning, as is required with all electronics containing batteries. 

Can You Take Disposable Vapes on an Aeroplane?

The same rules apply to disposable vapes, which you should also pack in hand luggage. In case of any uncertainty, always check with airport security and the airline in question before travelling.

Can You Take Vape Liquid on a Plane?

Any vape liquids in your hand luggage must be under 100ml and packed into a sealable plastic bag. This is because of the liquid restrictions present at many international airports. Ensure there is no e-liquid in your vape tank. If necessary, empty the tank before taking the device through airport security. You may pack any e-liquids over 100ml in your check-in baggage.

Can You Vape On a Plane?

No, adult vapers cannot vape on a plane. Most major airlines and well-known carriers have clear rules that state vaping is strictly prohibited, and it is a criminal offence to do so. Accordingly, you must follow these rules. Airlines have their own policies about travelling with vapes, and while the language differs slightly, the message is often consistent.

Vaping at airports

UK airports treat vaping in the same way as smoking. Adult vapers may only use their device in a designated smoking area. If you are unsure where this is, contact the airport’s staff. 

The same is often true internationally, with many airports restricting vaping indoors. Always check an airport’s rules to ensure you only vape where permitted.

Heated Tobacco at Airports

As with vapes, many international airports restrict heated tobacco. You should find a designated smoking area if you wish to use a device. Did you know IQOS has its own smoke-free lounges in airports at various locations around the world? Drop in and use your device pre-flight. Make sure to check an airport’s specific heated tobacco rules before using a device, as the rules could vary.

Vaping restrictions abroad

Many countries have enforced some restrictions around vaping, such as rules on where you cannot use a device. Some countries do not permit the use of vapes at all. It is recommended to check where you are travelling to and familiarise yourself with the country’s specific rules before packing a vape device and e-liquids. Check the rules of the relevant airlines and carriers, too. 

For adult smokers and vapers who have checked the rules of the country they’re travelling to and are certain that vaping is permitted, refills or additional e-liquid might be required. This may especially be true for adult vapers travelling for a prolonged period of time. Your preferred e-liquid may not be available at your destination. It might be possible to pack replacement e-liquid, but you should check with the airline beforehand. Do not exceed the liquid requirements of the airline.  

With international rules and local regulations about vape devices and e-liquids changing all the time, the best way to ensure you follow the rules is to check the regulations of the country or countries you are travelling to before you leave. 

The best decision any smoker can make is to quit tobacco and nicotine use altogether. Smoke-free alternatives are not risk-free and contain nicotine, which is addictive. Smoke-free products are not alternatives to quitting and are not designed as cessation aids. 

This article is for general information and educational purposes. Some of the information in this article is based on external, third-party sources and we make no representations or warranties of any kind regarding the accuracy, validity or completeness of such information. 

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