How to Change Juice in a Vape Device?

By James Powley


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When vaping with a mod, you’ll need to change the juice in your device from time to time. If you’ve recently switched from smoking to vaping, this may seem a little confusing, but the process isn’t as complicated as you might think.

Whether you’re running out of juice in your vape and want to replace it with a new liquid, or you’re planning to switch around the juice you’re using to try a range of new flavours – we’ve got you sorted. Just remember - always consult the instructions manual provided by your manufacturer before getting started.

If you want to know how to change the juice in your vape device and how to clean your device at the same time, read on. You’ll be changing your juice faultlessly in no time!


What is Vape Juice or E-Liquid?

Simply put, vape juice (also known as e-liquid or e-juice) is the liquid that vapers put in the tank of their device to create vapour.

Generally, the fluid is a mixture of a few base ingredients. Most of the time, vape juice contains nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine – although sometimes just one or the other – and flavourings, too. Some e-juices also contain colourings.

There is a real array of vape juice options to choose from, so regardless of whether someone wants a sweet, fruity flavour or a tobacco-based flavour, they should be able to find an e-juice that suits them.


Why Is It Important to Change Vape Juice Correctly?

When you don’t change your vape juice correctly, you might find that your vape begins to taste a little odd and stops working properly. Often, vapers will change their e-liquid, going from one flavour to another in the same tank, and they may notice an unpleasant aftertaste as a result. Consequently, it’s in your best interest to change vape juice correctly, while also maintaining the cleanliness of your vape

You may consider getting an extra tank for your device if you want to swap out your juices without using an entire tank first. Otherwise, you’ll have to ensure that you clean the tank correctly, avoiding any unpleasant aftertastes or any other issues that could crop up. You can also use an RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser) if you’d like to switch between different e-liquid flavours regularly.


Process for Changing Vape Juice

The process for changing vape juice can vary slightly depending on the nature of your device.





  • Pod Mods: Vape pods are easier to dismantle than mods and tanks, and vapers who have recently switched from smoking may prefer to use them for this reason. Sometimes they’ll have disposable tanks and coils, or more simple coils that aren’t so complicated to use.
  • Mods/tanks: In contrast, mods and tanks are a little more complicated, but give vapers more customisation options, allowing you to use pretty much any vape liquid you like.




    First off, you should clean the tank, which isn’t as difficult as you might think! Just unscrew the tank from the device, being mindful of both the battery and the coil, . There might be a little residue remaining, which you’ll want to clean out as it can affect the flavour of the new juice.

    Simply rinse the tank with warm water, and maybe a little dish soap, before wiping it with a dry towel and leaving it to dry completely, as any drops of water remaining in the tank risk diluting your new juice (just remember that coils shouldn’t be cleaned this way). You might decide to leave it to dry overnight if you’re not in a rush, but otherwise, just keep an eye on it and wait until it’s ready.

    It’s worth cleaning the coil too, as vape liquids can affect both the coils and the wicks of your device, impacting the flavour. Alternatively, you may decide to simply replace your coils on a regular basis, as it’s recommended that you should get a new coil every couple of weeks or so anyway.

    When the tank is clean and ready to be filled, you can fill it up. Just in case it gets a little messy, you should probably fill it over a sink. Be sure to take it slow – there’s no need to rush things.


    Changing Heated Tobacco Variants

    We’ve looked at changing vape juice, but what about heated tobacco? Instead of e-juice, IQOS (a heated tobacco device) uses specially designed tobacco sticks, called HEETS. As such, changing a HEETS stick is a little different to changing vape juice, but it’s still very simple. After the experience has finished (each HEETS stick lasts for around six minutes, or 14 puffs), you pull the cap up slightly, then remove the tobacco stick from the cap. Then, put the cap back in place and return the holder to the pocket charger.

    As with e-cigarettes, it’s also important to clean your IQOS device on a regular basis. You can clear your IQOS device each day with the IQOS cleaning tool. Firstly, leave the device to cool down. Then, remove the cap, tap the device (to dislodge any loose tobacco) and insert the cleaning tool. When it’s fully inserted, twist the cleaning tool a couple of times to remove tobacco. After around 20 tobacco sticks, it’s best to do a deep clean using IQOS cleaning sticks.


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    Learn about heated tobacco

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