Disposable vs Refillable Vape: What Are the Differences?

Generally, vape devices fall into two main categories: disposable and refillable/rechargeable vapes. Disposable and refillable vapes typically have a few differences. As an adult smoker looking to switch from cigarettes to vaping, it can be useful to compare these two types of devices.

So, disposable vs refillable vapes - which is the right choice for you ? With so many of both types of vapes on the market today, it can be tricky knowing which option is best suited to you. However, the right knowledge and understanding of these device types can help you make a more informed decision on which one to choose.

Firstly, it’s important to understand exactly what disposable and rechargeable vapes are, and what they usually consist of. The infographic below shows what both of these devices may look like, and lists certain components of them:

Disposable vape components:

  • Mouthpiece.
  • E-liquid and battery. 

Refillable box mod vape components:

  1. Mouthpiece. 
  2. E-liquid tank. 
  3. Atomizer. 
  4. On/off button. 
  5. Display screen. 
  6. Battery compartment. 
  7. Adjustable wattage settings. 
  8. Charging port. 

While the above shows the components that may come with either a disposable or refillable vape, exactly what these devices will comprise  may vary from product to product. 

What’s good to know though is that disposable and rechargeable vapes  can  function in similar ways. Depending on what you’re searching for in your vaping experience, either one of them could be a suitable option. 

Disposable vs Rechargeable Vapes

To truly understand which device is the best option for you, it’s also important to know how each type of device works. 

Disposable and rechargeable vapes  usually function in a similar way, heating e-liquid to produce vapour, instead of smoke emitted from a cigarette. 

Disposable vapes are devices that cannot be recharged and/or refilled. Most times, disposable vapes come pre-charged as well as pre-filled with e-liquid. Generally, when the e-liquid or battery runs out, disposable vapes need to be responsibly disposed of. 

Take the disposable vape VEEV NOW as an example. With VEEV NOW, there’s  no need to charge, and the device offers  up to 500 puffs.* Additionally,  VEEV NOW can be returned for recycling.**  

* Based on the battery capacity of a newly manufactured device and a puff duration of 1 second. May vary depending on individual usage patterns.  

** Return your device and we will recycle the recyclable components.  

Alternatively, rechargeable vapes (as their name suggests) can typically be recharged and refilled. Our new, rechargeable pod based vape VEEV ONE provides fast charging capabilities. In fact,  VEEV ONE charges in less than 45 min.  

When it comes to rechargeable vape vs disposable vape devices, another key difference to consider is how much maintenance is typically required for each device type. With VEEV NOW, there’s no cleaning needed, and no refilling needed either, whereas rechargeable vapes may be more likely to require cleaning, refilling and general maintenance. That said, exactly how much maintenance rechargeable vapes  need will depend on the product in question. For example, with VEEV ONE, there’s  no need to replace wick and coil. Moreover, there’s also no cleaning needed and no refilling needed with this device either. 

Take note that depending on the type of rechargeable device, you may be able to use a variety of different e-liquids - provided that the e-liquid is compatible with the appropriate vape coil and vape wattage.  

If you’re interested in exploring more about disposable vapes, take a look at our article ‘ What is a Disposable Vape and How Does it Work?’ 

Why Use Disposable Vapes Over Rechargeable Vapes?

Here are a couple reasons why you may prefer to use disposable vapes instead of rechargeable vapes. 

As an adult user who would otherwise continue to smoke, you may find that disposable vapes are a good way to test whether or not you even like vaping before purchasing a more long-term, rechargeable device. 

You may also come to find that disposable vapes are potentially more simple to use in comparison to rechargeable vapes. This could be because disposable vapes won’t usually require timely coil maintenance, recharging or refilling of an e-liquid.

Why Use Rechargeable Vapes Over Disposable Vapes?

There are several reasons why an adult user may prefer using a rechargeable vape instead of a disposable one - one reason being their longevity. Once a disposable vape is depleted of e-liquid or battery life, it typically cannot be reused again, whereas a rechargeable vape usually can.  

In addition to this, rechargeable vapes may also allow you to change from one e-liquid flavour to another, whereas disposables are usually pre-filled with a specific flavour that cannot be changed. For example, with VEEV ONE, changing flavours (or pods) is easy.  VEEV ONE pod insertion is aided by magnetic connector, and there’s no flavour taste transfer from one pod to another. 

How Long do Rechargeable Vapes Last?

Rechargeable vapes usually last longer than disposable vapes. Moreover, thanks to their longevity, rechargeable vapes may be more cost-effective in the long run compared to disposable vapes. 

You might also find that there’s more variety when browsing rechargeable vapes. Some of the most popular types of rechargeable vapes include Vape Mods, Pod Systems and Vape Pens. These devices could all bring something different to the vaping experience, and some may therefore be better suited to what you’re looking for than others.

Disposable vs Refillable Vape - What’s Right For Me?

When it comes down to which device is the best choice - it’s all up to you. If you’re trying to make an informed choice, consider the features of both devices outlined in this article, and how they differ from one another. The most important thing is to ensure that your device is legal and adheres to all relevant safety regulations - as illegal and fake vapes unfortunately do exist, and should be avoided.  

Interested in learning more about our disposable and pod based vapes? Discover our disposable device (VEEV NOW) and rechargeable pod based vape (VEEV ONE) by following the links. You can also learn more about how the flavour range of these two devices compare via our guide ‘VEEV NOW and VEEV ONE Flavours - Which is Best for You?’  

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