How Much Do Disposable Vapes Cost in the UK?

Date Published 11/11/2022

For people who’ve switched from smoking, there are alternatives like vaping and the use of heated tobacco available to them. There are many types of vape devices on the market, and one option is disposable vapes. 

The best option for any smoker is to stop the use of tobacco or nicotine altogether, but for those who don’t quit, switching to an alternative represents a better choice than continuing to smoke. 

People thinking of switching to disposable vapes might be wondering how much disposable vapes cost, particularly when compared to cigarettes, vapes, and other alternatives to smoking. 

Disposable vapes can vary in price from model to model, but for a disposable vape in the UK the price is likely to range from just under £5 to a little over £10. To find out how the average cost of disposable vapes compares to that of cigarettes and other alternatives to smoking, just keep reading. 

Are Disposable Vapes Cheaper? 

Disposable Vapes vs Cigarettes 

The average cost of a pack of 20 king-size cigarettes in the UK averaged £12.67 in August 2022.* If a cigarette is considered to have around 14 puffs, for around 280 puffs in a pack of 20, this can be compared to a disposable vape that costs £5 and contains between 300 and 600 puffs. 

As a result, it can be seen that disposable vapes tend to work out cheaper than cigarettes – and this doesn’t take into account the cost of buying lighters or other smoking-related products. 

Disposable Vapes vs E-cigarettes 

It’s perhaps more difficult to work out how the cost of other e-cigarettes and vapes compares, as there are various products that users will need to buy, replacing components and topping up the tank with e-liquid. 

Some e-cigarettes, while not disposable, are more simple, and don’t need much more than e-liquid, while there are others which are more complex and customizable. 

However, a vape starter kit with a fairly simple device would generally cost more than a disposable vape device, although a reusable vape will last longer in comparison.  Not only that, but the starter kit will often include e-liquids, replacement coils, and possibly other equipment too. Then there are replacement batteries and even tanks to consider. 

Some vapers choose to buy e-liquids in bulk to save money, too. Ultimately, it’s difficult to determine the cost of vaping as it can vary so widely from vaper to vaper. However, for a frequent vaper it may work out cheaper than getting through a lot of disposable vapes. 

Disposable Vapes vs Heated Tobacco 

The IQOS 3 DUO device costs £39, and it comes with two packs of HEETS, each containing 20 tobacco sticks. All HEETS sticks are designed to last for around six minutes of 14 puffs, roughly similar to a cigarette, so there are around 280 puffs in a pack of 20 HEETS. 

The recommended retail price of HEETS is £5 per pack, so a pack of 20 HEETS has a similar cost to a disposable vape. However, most disposable vapes will last longer than a pack of HEETS, making them slightly cheaper on average. 

To find out more about the different types of vapes and e-cigarettes, you can take a look at our guide, here

*Source: ONS dataset. Average price – Cigarettes 20 king size filter, September 2022. 


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