How Long Does E-Liquid Last? 

A question both current vapers and people thinking about switching to vaping often want the answer to is how long does e-liquid last? As e-liquids come in various different bottle sizes, and in different flavours, it can be tricky to know what the right answer is. 

The maximum volume of e-liquid containing nicotine sold in a refill container is 10ml, while e-cigarette tanks can have a capacity of up to 2ml, as per the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), but how long will 2ml or 10ml last for?[1] 

To find out everything you need to know about e-liquid, and how long it might last, just keep reading our guide. 

How Long Will my Bottle of E-liquid Last? 

There’s no easy answer to this question, as it’ll depend on how often you use your vape and how long for, as well as your device – which will have its own rough lifespan too. 

It’s also worth considering that some vapes, like box mods and rebuildable atomisers, allow for customisable vapour production, so it can make it a little trickier to work out how long a bottle of e-liquid might last for. 

However, as a rough guide, here’s how long your bottle of e-liquid might last for: 

  • 10ml: A 10ml bottle might last a heavy vaper up to a week, but it could be up to a month for those who don’t vape as often. From a 10ml bottle, you can probably expect around 1000 puffs on your device. 
  • 2ml: This is among the smallest sizes of e-liquid bottle and will fill up any tank that adheres to MHRA regulations. If you don’t want to risk exposing your e-liquid to the elements and making sure it’s stored properly once the bottle has been opened, this might be a bottle size to consider.  

Does E-liquid Expire? 

Any e-liquid will have an expiry date, just like any other product with food-based ingredients. Of course, this will differ depending on when the e-liquid was made and the ingredients, but there are indicators that e-liquid might have expired or be coming up to its expiry date. 

The shelf life of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin is at least two years, when stored properly, while flavourings tend to have a shelf life of about a year – but this can be extended as they’re mixed with PG. Shelf life isn’t the same thing as an expiry date, but it’s still a good indicator of how long e-liquid might last for. 

As a result, e-liquid can last a couple of years, but it’ll depend on how it’s stored – something that we’ll look at in more detail below. It’s difficult to prevent e-liquid from coming into contact with the elements entirely, and as a result, e-liquid in a larger bottle might lose some of its flavour sooner than e-liquid in a smaller bottle – as you’d be opening a big bottle more regularly, more oxygen would get in. 

How to Tell if the E-liquid is Expired? 

If your e-liquid has expired, you might be able to tell. The nicotine might degrade, meaning that you won’t get the effect you’re used to – you might feel like vaping more often to compensate. The flavour can feel as if it’s changed too, tasting different. 

The colour of the e-liquid might have darkened too – depending on the flavour, it can turn almost black – and the smell might be different if it’s expired, like the taste. If any component of the e-liquid is heavier, you might find that it’s sunk to the bottom. Once you shake the bottle, check to see if the e-liquid mixes back together. If it does, it might be fine. If not, it’s more than likely expired. 

It's unlikely that expired vape juice would make you ill, but you probably wouldn’t enjoy using it. From the change in taste to the likelihood of more dry hits, it’s probably best to use some fresh e-liquid instead. 

How to Store my E-liquid? 

While all e-liquids will expire at some point, the correct storage will go a long way to extending the life of your juice. 

You should keep your e-liquids in a cool, dark environment where they’re not exposed to other liquids like water. Direct sunlight, too much oxygen, and extreme temperatures can all negatively affect your e-liquids.

The bottles should remain sealed too – before opening another bottle, make sure you’ve used up the rest of your e-juice first. 

Some people keep their e-liquids in the fridge. However, this isn’t recommended as VG and some flavourings have naturally high levels of sugar, so storing your e-liquid in the fridge can cause crystallisation and oxidation. 

What about HEETS? 

HEETS tobacco sticks differ from vapes and e-liquid in a number of ways. For example, they contain real tobacco that’s heated, so no e-liquid is involved. 

Each HEETS stick can last up to six minutes or 14 puffs, about the same time as a normal cigarette, though longer and more gentle puffs would make them last longer. 

Without a doubt, the best choice any smoker can make is to stop entirely. However, for those who don’t stop, switching to an alternative like vaping or using heated tobacco is a better choice than continuing to smoke. 

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Hopefully, you should now know everything you need to know about e-liquid and how long it lasts. And if you’d like to know how to choose an e-liquid flavour, you can take a look at our guide, right here. 


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