How Long Does a Disposable Vape Last?

As an adult user, you may have questions like ‘how long should a disposable vape last you?’ Of course, being disposable, they might not have the same duration as other vape devices. These may include rechargeable, long lasting vapes that could be designed with refillable and/or replaceable components. 

You may find a disposable vape that lasts for around 600 puffs. However, this is dependent on a couple of different factors. Battery life and tank capacity may differ between models and makes of disposable vapes, so some may last for longer. Using a disposable vape more frequently could also result in the vape not lasting as long as if it was used less frequently. 

In the UK, the legal limit of e-liquid a vape tank should be designed to hold is 2 ml - equating to roughly 600 puffs. If you see a vape offering a puff count larger than this (for example, an 800 puff vape or more), this product may not be adhering to UK law and regulation. In the UK there are restrictions in place to ensure vapes meet certain safety and quality standards. It’s important to only use vapes that are legally compliant.

How Long Do Disposable Vape Batteries Last?

Adult vapers may also be wondering about disposable battery sizes and lifespans for vapes. Exactly how long a disposable vape battery will last can depend on the individual model. Small disposable vape batteries with little power may not last as long as big disposable vape batteries that provide more power. That said, how long lasting vapes of this nature are generally won’t depend entirely on their battery size. Other factors, such as how much e-liquid is left in the device, could also affect how long it lasts.

Unlike the batteries in other, potentially more long lasting vapes, batteries in disposable vapes come pre-charged and generally can’t be recharged. So, when a disposable vape runs out of battery, it typically can’t be used again. If you’d like to know more about vape batteries and how long they last, take a look at our guide.

How Many Days Can a Disposable Vape Last?

It could be difficult to know precisely how many days a disposable vape will last. The lifespan of a disposable vape could depend on a few different factors, including its battery life and how often it’s used. However, you might be able to roughly estimate how long a device will last, depending on current usage.

How long does a 600 puff vape last you usually (provided you use these types of devices)? Whatever the answer, whether it’s one day, a couple of days, or more, this may be a good basis to determine how long you could expect another 600 puff disposable vape to last.

Having this baseline figure could then help you estimate how long disposable vapes with other puff counts might last. For example, a disposable vape that provides around 300 puffs could last for half the time that one with roughly 600 puffs does.  

How Can I Make My Disposable Vape Last Longer?

While a disposable vape generally won’t be that long lasting, there may be some ways to make the device last longer.

When you’re not using your vape, ensure that it’s kept in the correct conditions. Check for manufacturer guidance for further information on what these conditions are. These may include storing the device at room temperature, and avoiding environments that are too hot or too cold. A cold vape could use more energy to heat up when in use, meaning that the battery may drain faster.

Using the device frequently and for long periods of time might use up your e-liquid more quickly. Therefore, using your device less frequently and for shorter periods of time could also help your vape last longer.

When it comes to questions like ‘how long does a disposable vape last’ and ‘how to make these devices last longer’, the answer may vary. The factors above could help provide a broader understanding on this topic - however, if you’d like to learn more, explore our guide on ‘How Long Does a Vape Last?’

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