​​​How to Diagnose a Broken Vape

No vaper wants a broken device, but from time to time vapes will break or there will be an issue with the device in some way or another. There might be an issue with the battery or the charger, a leak somewhere, a burnt taste, or something else entirely.

However, if you’re having issues with your vape – or simply want to prepare yourself in case something crops up in future – you’re in the right place. Just keep reading our guide to find out how to diagnose a broken vape.

Can a Vape Break?

Sometimes, vapes can break. But what are the reasons for this? While sometimes you can do everything right but still run into issues, there are things to avoid to help keep your vape in good condition.

One reason a vape can break is that it has been left outside in cold or wet weather. Just as you wouldn’t leave a smartphone out in the rain, for example, it’s best to follow suit with your vape to avoid the battery in particular damaging.

Another way a vape can break – or at a minimum run into issues – is by the vaper letting parts of the vape like the coil and mouthpiece get clogged up.

Most Common Vape Device Issues

If there’s something wrong with your vape, you’ll likely come across an issue or two. Here are some of the most common issues that vapers can experience:

  • A vape tasting burnt, dry, or otherwise strange
  • No atomiser light
  • A spitting or gurgling vape
  • A leaking vape
  • The battery or charger isn’t working
  • You’re not getting any draw from the vape, or enough flavour from your e-liquids
  • Your e-liquids are turning dark
  • You’re getting spitback from your vape

How to Troubleshoot Broken Vape Issues

When there is an issue with your vape, however, what should you do?

There are a few things to check when you’re on your way to addressing an issue. First of all, check if the device is charging, as a lot of issues can arise when there’s an issue with the charger. Ensure that you’re using the correct charger for your device, and that both the charger and battery terminals are clean, and that there aren’t any connection issues here.

It might sound obvious, but it’s also worth making sure that the vape is on – sometimes, it can be easy to turn the vape off by mistake by pressing the power button too often.   

What Should You Do When You Have Diagnosed a Broken Vape?

When your vape is broken, and you’ve identified the issue, there are ways to help address the problem. However, it’s always important to look at the manufacturer’s guidelines first and contact them as they may be able to assist you with your issue.

Vape Battery/Charger Not Working

If the vape battery or power button isn’t working, you can try the advice above – it’s always worth using any cleaning tools that you have been provided with to clean the terminal – or you might find that it’s time to get a new battery, as they will lose capacity over time. Or, if your vape isn’t charging properly, ensure that you’re using the correct charger for your device. Vape batteries shouldn’t be used with smartphone or tablet chargers, for example.

No Atomiser Light

If there’s no atomiser light, check your atomiser by rotating your vape and taking a look – often a device being knocked or carried around can make it crooked. Likewise, check the coil to see if it’s loose or has e-liquid clogging up the connection, and ensure your tank isn’t over-tightened too. If this doesn’t help, your coil may need replacing.

Vape Tasting Dry or Burnt

If your vape is tasting burnt, it might be down to the coil. Coils need to be replaced every so often, and one of the effects of a coil wearing out is that they can deliver a burnt taste. However, if you have replaced the coil recently and you’re still facing issues, it might be that you’ve not primed it properly or that you haven’t left enough time for the e-liquid to saturate before using your vape. Ensure too that your tank contains sufficient e-liquid to prevent the coil from drying out.

If you’re still not having any luck with the taste, it might be the case that you’re taking too many puffs of your vape in too short a length of time, not giving the coil the opportunity to wick more e-liquid through in between puffs.

A Spitting or Gurgling Vape

A spitting vape might look worrying, but it’s quite a common issue and can happen when e-liquid escapes the tank and makes its way up the mouthpiece. If you’re able to, remove the mouthpiece and flick the device to remove excess juice and make sure the tank isn’t overfilling too.

Consider priming your coil with less liquid, too, and even just pressing the power button a few times can help to use up excess juice.

It’s worth bearing in mind that this is more relevant to devices like box mods and vape pens – if you’re experiencing spitting with a pod mod, it could be an issue with the pod itself rather than the vape, so try changing out the pod for a different one.

A Leaking Vape

When you’re faced with a leaking vape, the first thing to do is make sure the tank is fitted correctly, but not overtightened. Then, check the o-rings, if your device uses them to prevent leakage – they might be broken or have moved.

Make sure you haven’t overfilled the vape with e-liquid either, as this can cause leakage, and that the tank hasn’t cracked. However, if you’re still running into issues you may want to consider changing the tank.

If it’s leaking through the airflow, however, the process is different. First of all, make sure the device hasn’t been left in direct heat, and then check to see if the coil needs replacing. Take a look at your e-liquid too, as e-liquid with a bigger propylene glycol ratio will be thinner and can leak out of the airflow for this reason.

How Do You Prevent Issues with Your Vape Occurring in the First Place?

While many vapers will run into an issue at some point or another, you can prevent them from occurring in the first place by following the best practices to care for your vape.

Taking the time to store your vape correctly can pay off later on, so it’s best to keep your vape upright in a vape storage box and as touched on earlier to avoid exposing it to wet or extreme conditions too.

Choosing the right vape battery will also go a long way to preventing issues from occurring with your vape. Not all batteries are the same, so it’s important to make sure that yours is suitable – the wrong one can lead to malfunctions – or worse.

While a broken vape is far from ideal, hopefully you should now know how to diagnose a broken vape and what you might be able to do to sort any problems. However, don’t forget that checking the manufacturer’s guidelines and contacting them is best.

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