How to Dispose of IQOS HEETS

By JC Connington
Date Published 18/10/2022

For any smoker, the best choice to make is to stop smoking entirely. However, for those who can’t or won’t stop, switching to an alternative to smoking represents a better choice than continuing to smoke.

One smoking alternative is heated tobacco. Devices like IQOS heat tobacco (rather than burn it, like cigarettes) to create a vapour that users inhale delivering the true taste of tobacco. IQOS uses HEETS tobacco sticks, which last for around the same time and number of puffs as a cigarette, and IQOS provides cigarette-like satisfaction.*

Like cigarettes or e-liquids, it’s important to make sure that HEETS are disposed of correctly.

How to Dispose of your IQOS Device

IQOS is an electronic device that consists of two parts: a holder and a charger. The holder is pen-shaped and contains a ceramic coated blade that’s designed to heat real tobacco contained within the HEETS stick, and the charger carries and charges the holder in between uses.

It’s no different to any other electronic device, in that it should be disposed of correctly – as per the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment system, everyone has a responsibility to do this. If you’re unsure of where to dispose of your IQOS device, you could try your nearest council recycling point, or find a shop near you that has a recycling point – but check that you’re allowed to dispose of your device first.

Don’t dispose of IQOS with other household waste, as it could come into contact with water or other liquids, something that may be dangerous.

If your device is registered and broken under warranty – for example, if the heating blade breaks – rather than disposing of your device you can get in touch with IQOS customer care. 

You can delay the need to dispose of your IQOS device and help make it last longer by helping to extend its battery life. There are a few ways of doing so, including unplugging your IQOS when it’s fully charged and not letting the battery empty before you recharge it.

How do I Dispose of HEETS Sticks?

HEETS are specially designed tobacco sticks made with real tobacco leaves. Inside a HEETS stick, you’ll find a plug of tobacco, a hollow acetate tube, a crimped polymer-film filter made from corn-starch, a cellulose-acetate mouthpiece filter, and papers.

They’re designed to be inserted into the IQOS holder when it’s ready for use, as the user places the HEETS filter in their mouth and inhales.

Once the HEETS stick has been used – after up to 14 puffs or around six minutes – it can be removed from the IQOS holder and disposed of in a waste bin. You may want to use a container to store your HEETS in, like this ceramic tray, once they’ve been used. Of course, sometimes there might not be a waste bin nearby, so a practical container can be useful to hold used HEETS in until you find a bin in which to safely dispose of them.

Now you know more about IQOS and HEETS disposal, why not take a look at the IQOS 3 DUO, our most technologically advanced IQOS device to date? 

*Source: 3 month clinical studies conducted in US and Japan with 160 adult smokers each under real conditions (ambulatory).


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