Reduce the littering of
used HEET sticks

Help your used sticks find their way to the bin. It takes just a few steps to make a difference.
Every action counts.

Keep your used HEETS sticks off the street.

You just had your IQOS moment. Now what's next? Make sure your used HEETS sticks are in a tray ready for the bin. Wherever you are, it only takes a moment to show that you care. One non-littered stick at a time.

Easy to collect.

Did you know that IQOS heats tobacco instead of burning it? This means your used HEETS stick isn’t lit at the end of your experience. So, with no fire, no ash and no smoke there is no need to stub it out before collecting and disposing of it. It's ready for its next go-to destination: the nearest bin. Quick and easy!​

Ready to play your part?
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Making the difference. Together.

Extend the life of your device

From taking care of your IQOS through to returning products for reuse and recycling, we can all play our part.

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Make your IQOS device last longer

Discover top tips on keeping things running smoothly and delay the need to replace it.

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Discover all the easy ways to return your used products for refreshing or recycling. Bring them along, we’ll take it further.

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