Extend the life
of your IQOS device

Making your IQOS work longer for you.

How can you extend the life of your IQOS device?

It’s quite simple. It all starts with taking care of your device to make it last longer and delay the need to replace it. And when you are done with it, just bring it back to us and we’ll have it recycled into something new. What can’t be recycled will be used for energy recovery.


Return your device if you are no longer using it.


Whenever possible, we refresh preowned devices so that other IQOS users can in turn enjoy them.


Collected IQOS devices will be sent for recycling or energy recovery.

Want to take part?

The Power of Together. Discover the initiatives we have put in place to extend the life of IQOS

Enjoy your IQOS device for longer


Get the best out of your IQOS device. This means cleaning it regularly, updating its software and getting support from our team when needed.

Also, by extending the life of your device, you delay the need to replace it, and therefore maximise the use of existing resources.


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Discover our IQOS refreshed devices


Reusing resources is a great way to reduce waste. That’s why we’ve set up our IQOS device refresh programme. Not only does it give returned devices in good condition a chance to be used, but it also offers IQOS users great value at a great price.

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Our ambition to recycle IQOS devices


We aim to make the most of your old IQOS device to help reduce waste. 

That’s why we are rolling out programmes for returned devices to be recycled.


About IQOS recycling

Making the difference Together

Help us recycle 

Our goal? It’s simple: to increase the number of recycled IQOS devices.


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Reduce the littering of used sticks

Help your used sticks find their way to the bin. Every action counts.

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Discover all the easy ways to return your used products for refreshing or recycling. Bring them along, we’ll take it further.

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