Make your IQOS device last longer

Want your IQOS device to last longer? We’ll share some tips to keep your device in top shape and keep things running smoothly.

Take care of your IQOS device


A little maintenance will keep your IQOS device in tip-top condition for longer. Little things like cleaning your IQOS regularly really do make the difference. And if your IQOS device could do with a bit of extra care, our in-store team will help keep it working for longer with a professional clean.


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Charge your IQOS device correctly


Get the most out of your IQOS device battery by using the charging cable and adapters designed for the job. By using your official IQOS charging accessories, you get optimal performance and will be able to use it for longer.


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Change your holder cap regularly


Did you know that IQOS holder caps are easy to replace? If you’re not getting the best draw after cleaning your IQOS device, switch things up with a new holder cap. You will enjoy a better puff and will personalise your device to make it truly your own. A tip that’ll delay the need to replace your IQOS device.


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IQOS support


Should you have any questions about device care or need any help, don’t hesitate and reach out to our dedicated customer care team.


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Making the difference. Together.

Help us recycle 

Our goal? It’s simple: to increase the number of recycled IQOS devices.


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Reduce the littering of used sticks

Help your used sticks find their way to the bin. Every action counts.

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Discover all the easy ways to return your used products for refreshing or recycling. Bring them along, we’ll take it further.

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