How to Use the IQOS ILUMA Device

These IQOS ILUMA instructions will help you learn how to use your IQOS ILUMA device. 

How to use IQOS ILUMA

These IQOS ILUMA instructions will cover how to use IQOS ILUMA devices. 

IQOS ILUMA should only be used with TEREA tobacco sticks. TEREA tobacco sticks use an innovative stainless-steel element to heat tobacco from within without burning it. The sticks feature a fully sealed design for easy insertion and extraction. When an experience is finished, remove the TEREA tobacco stick and wait for it to cool completely. Once it has cooled, dispose of the stick responsibly in general waste.

Before the IQOS ILUMA first use, make sure to fully charge your device with the Power Adaptor and Charging Cable. If the level is low, charge the Pocket Charger with your power adapter.  Refrain from charging with a laptop, as this may slow down the charging. 

How to turn on IQOS ILUMA: 

Press the button at the top of your Pocket Charger for four seconds to turn the device ON/OFF. Then, check the status lights on your IQOS ILUMA Holder to see how many experiences you have:

  • Two lights mean it’s fully charged. 

  • One light means it’s ready for use. 

  • No light means the Holder needs to be charged. 

How to use IQOS ILUMA: 

Gently insert a TEREA stick into your Holder to activate the Autostart. If the Autostart is disabled, you can press the button on the Holder to start the experience. 

  • One vibration and slowly pulsing lights means your device is heating up. 

  • Two vibrations and light(s) ON means your device is ready for use. 

  • When you feel another two vibrations, the experience is about to end. This signals two puffs or 30 seconds remaining.

  • Simply remove the TEREA stick and wait for it to cool completely. Once it has cooled, dispose of it responsibly in general waste. 

  • For your next experience, use a new TEREA stick. 

Charging your IQOS ILUMA device

Before using your IQOS ILUMA for the first time, you will need to charge it. 

Tap the button on your IQOS ILUMA Pocket Charger to check your battery level. The strip lights will indicate how much charge is left:

  • Four solid white strip lights: your device is fully charged.

  • Three solid white strip lights: your device is 50% - 75% charged.

  • Two solid white strip lights: your device is 25% - 50% charged.

  • One solid white strip light: your device has under 25% charge. 

Charge the Pocket Charger with your power adaptor. When the status bar lights up completely, your device is fully charged and can be used for up to 20 experiences. It can take approximately 135 minutes to fully charge your IQOS ILUMA Pocket Charger. 

Remove the TEREA stick and insert the Holder in the Pocket Charger. When your Holder sits in the Pocket Charger, two round lights will indicate the status of the Holder. When the round lights pulse white, the Holder is charging. One or two solid round lights indicates how many experiences you have readily available. 

Check the status lights on your IQOS ILUMA Holder. 

  • Two round lights mean your Holder is fully charged and ready for two uses. 

  • One light means you only have one use left.  

  • If the lower light blinks three times, you need to recharge your Holder. 

If you’re experiencing issues charging your device, you can check our guidelines on what to do when your IQOS ILUMA is not charging. 

Advanced Features

Autostart: The IQOS ILUMA Holder starts preheating automatically after you insert a TEREA stick. This feature is available by default for IQOS ILUMA PRIME and IQOS ILUMA models. 

Lift up: Lift up the Holder when you are using it to show how many uses are left. It will display either one light for one use or two lights for two uses. 

Double tap: If you double tap your Holder during use, it will vibrate to indicate how much of the experience is left.

  • Three vibrations: 75-50% charge remaining.

  • Two vibrations: 50-25% charge remaining.

  • One vibration: < 25% charge remaining.

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