How Do You Dispose of Disposable Vapes?

Date Published 11/11/2022

Many vapers use disposable vapes, which are designed to be disposed of when the battery runs out or there’s no e-liquid left in the device. But how do you dispose of them – are disposable vapes recyclable?

It’s something a lot of vapers want to know, as users become more environmentally conscious. Fortunately, vapes contain materials that can be recycled. Here, we’ll take a look at what disposable vapes are made of, and how they can be disposed of safely. 

What is a Disposable Vape?

Disposable vapes are small vape devices that come precharged and filled with e-liquid already. While they work in a similar way to other vape devices, there’s no button to press before the user starts to inhale, and when they either run out of battery life or e-liquid, they can be disposed of safely. 

Like other vapes, disposable devices are used by people looking to switch away from smoking to alternatives. 

Vaping isn’t risk-free, and the best choice for any smoker is to quit nicotine use altogether. However, for those who don’t quit, switching to an alternative presents a better choice than continuing to smoke. 

Below, we’ll look in closer detail at how vapes can be recycled safely.  

What are Disposable Vapes Made Of? 

Most disposable vapes are relatively simple devices. They have a plastic exterior, which can come in various different colours, which contains a battery, a small tank containing e-liquid, and a cotton wick and coil. The battery powers the coil and this heats the e-liquid, turning it into a vapour, or aerosol, that can then be inhaled by the vaper.

There are sometimes conceptions that vapes can’t be recycled, due to the materials they’re most often made from, but this isn’t the case. You can take disposable vapes to your local recycling centre to dispose of them properly and safely. 

How to Dispose of Disposable Vapes Safely

If a vape isn’t disposed of properly, it can be bad for the environment. This is because of the batteries and e-liquids they contain. A battery that hasn’t been disposed of properly could leak into water, and the same goes for e-liquid. So, it’s best not to throw disposable vapes into the rubbish bin when you’re finished with them. 

It may be a good idea to store a few used disposable vapes in a safe place, particularly if your local recycling centre isn’t incredibly close by, and then take them there to ensure that they’re disposed of carefully.

You might want to take your disposable vapes apart, particularly if you’ve got a little more time. This way, you can recycle each piece separately, and dispose of any parts that can’t be recycled safely. If there’s any glass, you can simply put it in your glass bin, while the vape’s battery can be recycled either at your local recycling centre or a local supermarket. Please ensure though that you follow the manufacturers guidelines if you opt for this approach.  

Of course, disposable vapes don’t last as long as other vape devices, so need to be disposed of more frequently. But now you know more about how to dispose of vapes, if you’d like to know about how long a vape lasts for, you can find out everything you need in our guide, right here.


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