How to Clean IQOS ILUMA

Unlike previous IQOS models, cleaning the device is no longer necessary with the new IQOS ILUMA line. This article will explore the innovation of IQOS ILUMA and explain everything you need to know about cleaning IQOS ILUMA devices. 

Why is it Not Necessary to Clean IQOS ILUMA Devices?

IQOS ILUMA is designed to offer all adult smokers a simpler and more intuitive experience. For all previous devices, it was recommended to clean the device at least every 20 uses and to always keep the Holder in optimal conditions. IQOS ILUMA maintenance is much easier. Thanks to a SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM ™, you don’t need to clean IQOS ILUMA between uses. 

The SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM ™ is the bladeless induction technology that heats the tobacco instead of burning it to deliver the real taste of tobacco. IQOS ILUMA provides cigarette-like satisfaction.*

This design makes IQOS ILUMA maintenance simple. IQOS ILUMA does not produce smoke. IQOS ILUMA produces no ash. What’s more, IQOS ILUMA produces less smell than cigarettes** and leaves no tobacco residue in your pocket or bag. 

* Based on clinical studies, aerosol chemistry and declaration of satisfaction level from 600 adult consumers in Japan, 2022.

** 93% agreement amongst 674 adult smokers consumers in Japan and Italy, 2020-2021

IQOS ILUMA Compatibility

The IQOS ILUMA line is designed to be used only with SMARTCORE STICKS, the all-new innovative tobacco sticks. They are equipped with a seal on both sides that isolates the internal elements, keeping the holder clean after each use. SMARTCORE STICKS won’t leave any tobacco residue behind.

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