Common Questions About Disposable Vapes

Convenient and accessible, disposable vapes could be an option worth considering for adult smokers looking to switch over from cigarettes. These devices are typically designed to be responsibly discarded once the e-liquid or battery runs out. 

Whether you’re just considering switching to disposable vapes or have already done so, we’ve collated some of the most popular questions about these single-use vapes, like ‘what happens if a disposable vape gets wet?’, ‘where can I buy disposable vapes?’ and do disposable vapes expire?’ Read on to find answers to all these questions and more.

What Happens if You Drop a Disposable Vape in Water, or if It Gets Wet?

It’s best to try and to keep disposable vapes away from water to help prevent damage. However, sometimes, accidents do happen; if you’ve dropped a vape in water, it’s recommended that you avoid using the device and contact the manufacturer for advice. This is because vapes often contain lithium batteries, and when these batteries come in contact with water, they pose a potential fire risk.

Are Vapes Waterproof?

No, these devices are usually not waterproof, so you should keep them away from water. This applies to both disposable and rechargeable vapes. 

Some manufacturers provide waterproof cases that you can purchase for the device. However, you might not be able to use your device while it’s in a case, as cases are sometimes designed to only carry inactive devices.

Do Disposable Vapes Expire?

Yes, disposable vapes could expire. They come pre-filled with e-liquid, featuring ingredients that can degrade over time – usually over the course of two years. Make sure to store your vape carefully and in line with manufacturer guidance and remember that exposure to sunlight and heat could lead to quicker degradation. Want to learn more? Follow the link for further information on how e-liquid expires.

Can Disposable Vapes Expire in Other Ways?

There are a few other ways vapes could ‘expire’ in addition to expired e-liquid. For example, there is only a certain amount of e-liquid in disposable vapes, which will provide a specified amount of puffs. After the e-liquid runs out, your device typically won’t work anymore, and should be discarded responsibly.

If we’re talking about device expiration rather than lifespan, it’s also worth mentioning the battery as well. This vital component cannot usually be recharged. This means a disposable vape’s battery will eventually ‘expire’ as the device will run out of power.

Why is My Disposable Vape Bubbling?

Flooding is the most common culprit for a bubbling or gurgling vape. If you hear these sounds, avoid using your device until you find a resolution. To fix the problem, contact the device’s manufacturer for information about why your disposable vape is bubbling.

These aren’t the only vape sounds you could encounter. If you hear a popping or crackling noise, this may be from the vape heating the e-liquid and coming into contact with the coil. However, this isn’t the only reason you may encounter sounds like popping or crackling. Our article on vape crackling and popping may help you identify and remedy the problem.

How to Know When Your Disposable Vape is Almost Empty

Some disposable vapes feature an LED indicator showing the remaining e-liquid or battery power level. An LED indicator is an easy way to tell if your vape is almost empty, but not every device will have this feature. Read the manufacturer’s guidelines for the product you are using. It may offer guidance for determining when your disposable vape is almost empty.

Is the UK Banning Disposable Vapes?

The UK government is currently aiming to create legislation banning disposable vapes in the UK. However, the precise details of this disposable vape ban are yet to be confirmed and at the moment, disposable vapes are still available to purchase. What we do know is that the plans involve a tightening of regulations on vape flavours, vape packaging, and the way shops display these products.

Where to Buy Disposable Vapes

You should always buy disposable vapes from a reputable supplier and manufacturer. This way, you can guarantee device quality, reliability and safety.

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* Based on the battery capacity of a newly manufactured device and a puff duration of 1 second. May vary depending on individual usage patterns.

Where Can I Buy Disposable Vapes?

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