How do you measure IQOS emissions, which you claim are reduced average by 95% compared to the smoke of a 3R4F cigarette?

We state that IQOS produces on average 90-95% lower levels of toxic chemicals compared to cigarettes. The percentage (90-95%) refers to the average reduction of the lower levels of certain constituents prioritized for action by renowned public health organizations such as WHO and the US FDA, and which are found in IQOS tobacco vapor, when compared to the smoke from a 3R4F reference cigarette. The exact percentage reduction depends on the specific list being referenced. To this effect, we collect the tobacco vapor and smoke under the Health Canada Intense machine-smoking regime (55 mL puff volume, 2 second puff duration, 30 second interval puff) using a comparison on a per stick basis. Reduction calculations exclude nicotine.