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Frequently asked questions

What is the Birthday Benefit? How can I join? 

How do I know if I’m eligible for the benefit?

It says that the amail is sent very first day of the month, I just registered for IQOS Club on the 15th of my birthday month; will I still be able to receive?

I’m already an IQOS Club Member but I was not able to receive the birthday email, what do I do?

Until when can I use the voucher I received?

I got a PHP 500 voucher, can I have this exchanged to a different voucher?

I already clicked on the gift box, but I still don’t have the voucher yet. What do I do?

I used my voucher but my transaction was cancelled due to (system error, delivery error, etc.); what do I do?

Can I use the PHP 300 / PHP 500 / PHP 700 IQOS Voucher for any IQOS items?

Why wont my PHP 500 IQOS Voucher work on my PHP 450 cart?

Can I use the IQOS Accessory Voucher for any IQOS Accessory?

I have two or more accessories in cart, how will the voucher work?

What is IQOS CLUB?

Who can join IQOS CLUB? 

How can I join IQOS CLUB?

Can I redeem my points and use it to purchase other items?

I linked my device through IQOS Club, will the same device be reflected under My Devices?

How do I know my Benefits?

Where can I see all Earning Actions?

Where can I see all my successful actions and its corresponding points?

My total points are updated but my History is not, what do I do?

I bought 3 cartons of HEETS™, why do I only have 45 points reflected?

I have two devices linked under My Devices, which one will IQOS Anniversary Benefit follow?

When are birthday points reflected?

It’s my birthday today and I don’t see my birthday points reflected yet under my History, what do I do?

What is the trade-in benefit?

Until when can I avail of the Benefit?

What about if I maintain my Silver status and I traded in a functioning device, can I still trade in a non-functioning device?

Can I trade in if I’m not an IQOS CLUB Member?

My DUO device only has one light that activates now, can I still avail of the functioning code?

Is it possible to Trade-in my current Kit/charger/holder for cash? 

May I participate in the Benefit by exchanging one part of the device?  

Can I select any color of IQOS™ 3 DUO I want? 

Can I trade-in to IQOS™ 3 Multi?

Can I trade-in my existing IQOS™ 3 DUO with a new IQOS™ 3 DUO?

I purchased my device in with an MGM code, can I trade-in this device?

I burned/used the wrong code and I cannot use it again, what do I do?

Can I still get points for linking  my new device from trade-in?

When the device I will trade-in is unlinked, do I lose points?

Will the device I purchased via trade-in still have warranty?

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