Guide to Vaping & E-Cigarette Accessories

By Elina Panayotova


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Guide to Vaping & E-Cigarette Accessories – What Do You Need?

We’re sure you don’t need us to tell you this, but there are a handful of must-have items for vapers. From the device itself to e-liquids, a few bits and pieces are key to the vaping experience.

But there are all sorts of other vape accessories available to buy that can help enhance your experience. Of course, you won’t need all of them, but even a couple can prove useful. Whether it’s a case to keep your vape safe and secure or a cloth you can use to clean your equipment – ensuring that it’s well maintained and debris-free – we’ve outlined some of the best vape and e-cigarette accessories right here. Maybe you’ll find something that’s a good fit for you!

If you're planning to travel with your vape, our travel guide with accessory checklist can help.


What are Vaping & E-Cigarette Accessories?

Vaping accessories are any type of product that enables you to customise or get the most out of your vaping experience. The vaping experience can be as simple and stripped-back as you like, or as customisable and personalised as you like. It’s completely down to you.


Must-Have Vaping Accessories

Vape storage

Over time, you’ll probably amass quite a bit of vape equipment. If you invest in some decent vape storage products, you can stop it from taking up too much space and cluttering up your home. Plus, you’ll know where everything is when you need it.

Furthermore, a case to keep your vape and other supplies in when you’re on the go can be handy. If you do a lot of travelling, a hard-shell case can keep your device, e-liquids and other bits and pieces safe, no matter where you are. They come in all sorts of sizes, styles and designs, so you’re sure to find something that suits you down to the ground.


Portable chargers

If you’re frequently out and about, portable chargers can be a real lifesaver. In many cases, they can be charged up at home in just a couple of hours. Then, if you need a boost, you can plug your device in and recharge it. It’s best to charge your device using a wall outlet if there’s one available, but a portable USB charger is a useful alternative in a pinch.

What about if you’re on the way to work or an event and forget to charge your vape beforehand? Again, a charger can be super-useful. Plus, if you’re using public transport, you might be able to charge up your device while you travel so that it’s ready to use once you get off.


Cleaning accessories

It’s important to look after your vape, and cleaning accessories will help you do so.

Microfibre cloths are good to start with. Often used for cleaning screens and lenses, they’re great for cleaning vapes too. Fine fibres don’t leave behind as much lint or dust as normal cloths, helping to minimise the risk of dust or debris causing problems with your device. They’re generally relatively inexpensive too, so it’s always sensible to keep a couple around.

Some people use alcohol-based vape wipes to clean their devices. They work in much the same way as cloths, so they’re a good alternative if you don’t have any microfibre cloths on hand.



At one point or another, you’ll probably end up in a situation where you simply need a new battery. It might sound obvious, but one of the best vape accessories you can have is a spare battery. If there’s nowhere to charge your device, or your portable charger is at home, a spare battery can allow you to keep vaping.

The length of time. a vape battery lasts can vary depending on a few different factors. Taking good care of your battery can extend its life, but if it does run out, it’s always useful to have another one on standby.



Like batteries, coils might sound a little obvious, but they’re worth a mention. When vaping, replacing coils is something that simply needs to be done from time to time and will help your vape mod last longer.

You might need to change your coil as often as once a week, or at minimum, once a month. An odd e-juice flavour can indicate that your coil needs changing, so it’s worth keeping spares around if you want to keep on vaping.


Silicone mat

If you’re taking your device apart, things can get fiddly, and keeping everything together in one place can be a challenge. For this reason, vapers will often use a silicone mat while cleaning or fixing their device. It’s important to remember, however, that if you are taking your device apart to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions while doing so.

Vape parts on a silicone mat are less likely to roll around than they would if left on a hard surface, like a table. Plus, you can get mats with raised edges for extra protection. There are also mats with indentations (enabling you to stand parts of your device up) available to purchase, all of which makes refilling that much easier!


Drip tips

Drip tips aren’t a necessity, but some vapers like to use them to enhance the taste of their vape experience. They connect directly to the atomizer and are essentially hollow tubes that you inhale from (sometimes used as an alternative to cartridges and cartomizers). They may be made from different materials and be of different lengths, so there’s sure to be a suitable option for everybody. There are two main sizes: the 510 and the 810. Drip tips affect not only the flavour you get but the temperature of the vapour too, adding to their overall usefulness.


Hopefully, you’ve now got a better idea about some of the most popular e-cigarette accessories. If you want to learn more, check out our main guide to vaping, right here.

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