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Adult smokers looking for better alternatives to smoking may be wondering about IQOS UK prices and availability. Read below to learn more about the cost of IQOS and explore the key features of our IQOS ILUMA series.

How Much Does IQOS Cost?

IQOS ILUMA Price Guide and Overview

The iconic IQOS range gets its next upgrade – the IQOS ILUMA series.  Within the series are three innovative devices – the IQOS ILUMA, IQOS ILUMA PRIME and IQOS ILUMA ONE. All three ILUMAs feature the revolutionary SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™.

The price of IQOS ILUMA will depend on which device you choose from the series. Find the cost for each device in the ILUMA range below:

  • IQOS ILUMA ONE price - £39RRP
  • IQOS ILUMA price - £69RRP
  • IQOS ILUMA PRIME price - £109RRP

Adult users who are curious about IQOS can try ILUMA ONE for two weeks for just £10. At the end of your trial, you can pay the difference to buy the device or return the device and incur no further charge.

Key features:

The IQOS ILUMA series is our latest range of heated tobacco devices to date, with multiple features that are designed to provide adult users with a next level experience. While each IQOS ILUMA device differs in some ways from the next, the full range do share similarities.

Some key features you can expect in any of the IQOS ILUMA devices include:

  • IQOS ILUMA SMARTCORE INDUCTION Technology heats tobacco instead of burning it to deliver the taste of real tobacco.
  • Thanks to the SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™, ILUMA devices heat tobacco sealed inside the TEREA sticks, rather than through the blade heating of IQOS ORIGINALS DUO HEATCONTROL™ technology. This results in no tobacco residue, no cleaning, and no broken blades with IQOS ILUMA devices. 
  • IQOS ILUMA is designed to be used exclusively with TEREA sticks and you will only experience the full advantages of the device, when using both together.

TEREA Price Guide and Overview

TEREA sticks are heated tobacco sticks designed for IQOS ILUMA devices. They comprise of finely ground tobacco and other elements. Learn more about the different elements of TEREA sticks in our guide ‘What Are TEREA Tobacco Sticks?’ 

TEREA sticks differ from our other tobacco sticks, HEETS, in a few ways – some minor and some more substantial.

TEREA sticks cost £6 per pack, which is the same as the price of HEETS.  While there is no difference between the price of TEREA and HEETS, the sticks are used with different devices. HEETS can only be used in IQOS ORIGINALS and older IQOS devices that use HEATCONTROL TECHNOLOGY, whereas IQOS ILUMA works exclusively with TEREA sticks, utilising the devices SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM.

You can find more details here about the TEREA price.

IQOS ILUMA provides clear tobacco taste because the device does not need cleaning.*

* 90% agreement amongst 300 adult consumers in Japan, 2022.

Smoke-free products are not risk-free and provide nicotine, which is addictive. The best decision any adult smoker can make is to quit tobacco and nicotine use altogether. Smoke-free products are not alternatives to quitting and are not designed as cessation aids.

Shop IQOS ILUMA with free next day delivery.

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Shop IQOS ILUMA with free next day delivery.

For orders placed before 8pm.

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Discover the benefits of IQOS

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