How to use the IQOS 3 device

By Sarah Sharkey


How? What? Why? Where? …. if there’s anything to do with IQOS heat not burn products that you’re unsure about, this ‘How To’ guide should put a stop to those furrowed brows.


How to use IQOS 3

Hold down the button on the charger for four seconds to switch your device on. Open the door and slot in the charger. The small light flashing shows it’s charging up. When done, remove the holder and carefully insert the HEETS tobacco stick without twisting it.

Press and hold the button. You’ll feel one vibration and see the light slowly pulse. Feel two vibrations and see the light stay white; your IQOS is ready.

30 seconds before the end of the session, you’ll feel two vibrations and the light will dim. Pull the cap, take out the used HEETS, wait a few moments and recharge the holder all over again.


How to remove HEETS from the device

Never take the HEETS tobacco stick out directly otherwise tobacco stays inside the heating blade. Always slide the cap on the holder upwards, then gently pull the HEETS tobacco stick out.


How to charge IQOS

Recently upgraded to IQOS 3? The IQOS 3 USB cable has a USB-C port and is different to the one for our older IQOS 2.4/2.4 Plus models. Always use the AC Power Adaptor and USB cable that came with your IQOS 3.

It takes about 120 minutes to fully charge the IQOS 3 pocket charger from an electrical socket (quicker than with your laptop), 75 minutes for IQOS 3 MULTI and 90 minutes for the IQOS 2.4 Plus.

You can then use the holder up to 20 times (10 times if it’s the IQOS 3 MULTI).


How to know if IQOS is fully charged

Press the pocket charger button for a second to check. One LED means it’s time to charge; four LEDS show it’s charged by over 75%.

If the lights stay white then flash three times before switching off, you’re charged up and good to go.

To find out more about your IQOS lights and what they mean, check out our “What Do the Lights Mean on Your IQOS?" article.


How to reset your IQOS device

With IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 MULTI, device press down the pocket charger button for 10 seconds then let go. When the battery status light fades in and out, it’s done.

With the IQOS 2.4 Plus, press and release the Bluetooth and power buttons together until all the lights blink briefly.


How to register IQOS

Wondering ‘But why bother?’ Well, we’ve a whole bunch of things to take advantage of for free. For instance, registering is proof of ownership in case you experience any issue while abroad, just call our international helpline on 00 800 2559 2559. You’ll also get IQOS Accidental Damage Coverage and a 12-month warranty.

Registering your IQOS heated tobacco device via our website is a piece of cake. Just login to your IQOS account (or create a new account if you haven’t yet done so).


How to clean the IQOS blade

Start by letting the IQOS holder cool down. Now take the cap off (it’s a good idea to get rid of any remaining tobacco in this by tapping it a few times). Put the long brush from the IQOS cleaning device in the holder and turn it a couple of times (one way only).

To be 110% sure, wipe an IQOS cleaning stick around the heating blade as well.

If the heating area looks grey or white afterwards, job done.


How often to clean IQOS

Ideally, you should do so every time you finish a pack of HEETS. If tobacco settles at the bottom of the blade, the tobacco taste and device charging time can change and your HEETS can seem too hot.


How to find the nearest IQOS store

Pop your postcode or whereabouts into our store locator e.g ‘London’ to see all the IQOS London stores. You can also search for your nearest HEETS stockist.


How to get IQOS support

No need for further head-scratching: get in touch with our Customer Care Team via Facebook, Twitter, Livechat on our website, or by phone on 0800 432 0000. Alternatively, chat with one of our customer support experts in any of our IQOS stores in London, Bristol or Manchester.”

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