Two New Menthol HEETS Selections Available

By Sarah Sharkey


HEETS are specially designed tobacco sticks intended for exclusive use with IQOS heat not burn technology, to release flavour.

IQOS has introduced two new menthol HEETS variants in the UK. The heated tobacco alternative to menthol cigarettes is now available in even more menthol flavours.

Discover HEETS Sienna Caps. Refined & Fresh Tobacco with Menthol Capsule.

Our first ever ‘click’ tobacco stick. HEETS Sienna Caps have a rounded, toasted tobacco blend of Sienna, which in a click delivers a cooling menthol sensation with notes of zesty mint



Discover HEETS Green. Balanced and Cooling Menthol Tobacco.

Situated between the intensities of HEETS Turquoise and HEETS Blue, the new HEETS Green Selection has a flavour of a lightly toasted tobacco blend with balanced menthol cooling and zesty aroma notes.

The addition of these flavours could help menthol smokers to move away from cigarettes. They bring the total HEETS offering to 7, ranging from classic tobacco to menthol blends and capsules.

The addition of these new heated tobacco variant could help menthol smokers to move away from cigarettes.

You can purchase HEETS online or at many supermarkets, including Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Morrison’s and Asda as well as BP petrol stations and many local convenience stores.

Discover the full range of IQOS HEETS. Order online before 6pm and get free next day delivery.


Menthol HEETS are not part of the menthol ban

As of 20th May 2020, menthol cigarettes were banned from sale in the UK and across the EU.

Menthol HEETS are made with real tobacco but are not cigarettes and are not therefore included in the menthol cigarette ban.

With the same ritual and cigarette-like satisfaction*, IQOS is the closest alternative to a menthol cigarette.


Try menthol heated tobacco

The IQOS Menthol Kit includes 1 IQOS device and 4 menthol HEETS packs, including Sienna Caps, Green, Turquoise and Blue Selections so you can find your preferred one.

Start your IQOS menthol heated tobacco trial today for £10.**


* Source: 3 month clinical studies conducted in US and Japan with 160 adult smokers each under real conditions (ambulatory).

**Pay £10 to start your trial. At the end of your trial, decide whether to buy the device or return it for free. T&Cs apply.

Heated Tobacco

Want to know more about IQOS heat-not-burn technology?

Want to know more about IQOS heat-not-burn technology?


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Learn about heated tobacco

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