Your first steps
with VEEBA

Your first steps
with VEEBA

Learn everything about your start with VEEBA: 
How to use your device properly, as well as tips and tricks 
for the best possible vaping experience.

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How to use your VEEBA for the first time

Start using your VEEBA device:

        Get ready

  1. It's time to unpack your new VEEBA disposable e-cigarette!
  2. Before you start, remove the top and bottom silicone covers.
  3. Make sure that the air inlets are unobstructed and allow air to flow freely through the device.

    Vaping with VEEBA

  4. It's easy: simply take a puff! The device will turn itself on automatically. You don't need to press any ON and OFF button.
  5. If the white LED status light is on during puffing, it means that the device is functioning correctly.
  6. When you want to stop, simply stop puffing, and the device will turn itself off automatically.

    How to recycle your VEEBA device at the end of its service life

  7. The LED status light flashes 10 times when the battery has been depleted, and the device turns itself off.
  8. The device does not need to cool down. You can put it in your pocket and carry on with what you're doing.
  9. Kindly do not dispose of your VEEBA with regular waste. Return it to us, and we will recycle its recyclable components.

VEEBA usage tips

How Remove VEEBA silicone caps
Remove silicone caps.

Don't forget to remove protective silicone caps from top and bottom of your device before using it.

Don't cover airflow VEEBA holes
Don’t cover airflow holes.

Always make sure that the two airflow holes, placed on the side of your device, are not blocked by your fingers. The air should be able to flow through your device.

Dispose your VEEBA
Dispose your VEEBA.

Do not dispose of the device with regular waste. You can return it to selected tobacco stores or bring it to brand-name or partner IQOS stores, and we will recycle it.

That’s not all. There’s more useful information in our VEEBA User Guide.

Our VEEBA User Guide will let you delve deeper into how your device works and how to use it.

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