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How to Replace your IQOS Device and Components

How to Replace my IQOS Device Online? 

Even the highest quality products can stop working sometimes. It is easy to make an online replacement claim – subject to terms and conditions. If you’ve registered your device on, access the ‘My Devices’ section in your account. Select the device you want to replace, click ‘View Details’ and then click ‘Let’s Fix Your IQOS.’ This will troubleshoot your device and check your eligibility for an IQOS replacement.  

If your device is not registered, head to the ‘Add Device’ section of your IQOS account. Follow the instructions to register your device. Once complete, adhere to the guidance above to organise a replacement.  

Can I replace my IQOS device’s battery? 

You cannot replace your IQOS battery. If you experience battery issues, contact Customer Care . Or use our troubleshooting tool, which may help you identify the problem and issue a replacement if necessary.  

Can I replace my device overseas? 

If your IQOS device breaks or stops working while you are away from home, we’re here to help you. If you are eligible for a device replacement and you are in a country where IQOS is available, we'll get a replacement to you.   

Wherever you may be, our International Assistance service covers more than 40 countries across five continents. Call our international line on 00800 2559 2559 - or follow the link.  


When should I replace a defective IQOS device or heating element? 

If you notice a fault, contact our Customer Service Team. They will try to fix or replace defective IQOS components so long as the parts have been used per the associated IQOS User Guide. This is subject to a valid voluntary warranty claim. The provisions of this warranty are only valid in the country of purchase.  


What we don’t cover in our IQOS warranty:  

  1. Damage caused by normal wear and tear. 

  2. Cosmetic damage (such as scratches, dents, broken plastic etc.)  

  3. Faults caused by misuse, including power surges, improper handling, accidental liquid contact or fire damage.  

  4. Malfunction caused by using the device with non-compatible products. 

  5. Damage or malfunction caused by attempts to open, modify and repair, either by an adult user or by a service provider not accredited by IQOS. 

  6. Damage or malfunction caused by failure to adhere to the associated IQOS user guide. 

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