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HEETS Common Issues and Troubleshooting

What happens if I heat a HEETS tobacco stick without using it? 

A HEETS tobacco stick lasts up to 14 puffs or 6 minutes, whichever comes first. After this, the device will turn off automatically, whether you take a puff or not. Adult users cannot use a HEETS tobacco stick once the stick has run out.  


Why is there so little vapour coming out of the HEETS? 

Usually, the problem won’t reside with the HEETS. Instead, you may find a fault in the IQOS device. An accumulation of tobacco residue or dirt could result in low vapour. Using IQOS ORIGINALS Cleaning Tool and Sticks, follow these steps to clean your device: 

  1. Gently tap the holder on a hard surface, dislodging any tobacco. 

  1. Open the cleaning tool and insert it into the tobacco holder. Make sure not to twist it. 

  1. Rotate the cleaning tool three times before removing it without twisting. 

  1. Tap the holder again, removing any leftover residue. 

  1. If you need to, use one of the cleaning sticks to remove any remaining tobacco residue. Ensure you do not touch the heating blade. 

Do not clean your device whilst it is on or cooling down.  

Are you still encountering problems with your IQOS device ​? Follow the link to find a possible solution. Or head to the support page.  


Why can’t I insert HEETS tobacco sticks into my IQOS Holder? 

Can’t fit tobacco sticks in your device? There are several possible causes. Follow the guidance below to identify the problem.  

  • Make sure there is no tobacco residue left in the holder. 

  • Clean the heating blade (you should do this regularly). Don’t know how? Watch a tutorial on our support page.  

  • Check if the holder cap is fully closed. 

  • If the cap doesn’t sit tightly on the holder, try a different holder or cap. 


If the above does not work, there may be a problem with your ​HEETS tobacco sticks. Follow these precautionary measures to prevent future problems.  


  • Do not expose heated tobacco sticks to humidity or a high temperature. 

  • Keep tobacco sticks in a dry place to prevent the tobacco mix from sticking together. 

What to do if I put a HEETS tobacco stick the wrong way round in the holder? 

No need to worry. Simply switch on the device and let the blade heat the HEETS. This will soften the filter and make it easier for adult users to remove HEETS without damaging IQOS. Always pull up the cap before removing the stick. 

If you can’t resolve the problem, get in touch with our dedicated customer team over live chat - or by calling us at 0800 432 0000. 

Has your device broken? Some adult users are eligible for a​ replacement follow the link for more info.  

Can you light a HEETS tobacco stick with ​​a match or a lighter?  

No, HEETS tobacco sticks have been specifically designed for use with IQOS. Never light HEETS tobacco sticks with a match or lighter. HEETS only work when used with the IQOS holder.  

What can I do if my HEETS stick is damaged? 

If your HEETS tobacco stick is damaged, do not use or try to insert it into the holder. Doing so could damage your device. If you have damaged your device, you might be able to get a ​​replacement. Follow the link for additional information. 

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