When are menthol cigarettes being banned in the UK?​

Menthol cigarettes will be banned in the UK on May 20 2020. The menthol cigarette ban date in the UK was decreed by EU law in 2016, giving cigarette producers, retailers and smokers four years to prepare. Our countdown clock shows how long is left until the menthol cigarette ban comes into effect in the UK.​

Heated tobacco is exempt from the ban and so will still be available to purchase both online and in stores after this date.​

Can you still buy Menthol Cigarettes in the UK?​


Up until the menthol ban on May 20, 2020 you can still legally buy menthol cigarettes in the UK.​

However, many small retailers like corner shops and news agents will likely be running their stock down in time for the ban, so it may become harder to find menthol cigarettes as the ban approaches.​