What is a Vape Band?

By James Powley

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At first glance, a vape band may not seem like the most functional accessory – but these small rings can be used in a variety of ways, like helping you protect your vape, block leaks, and much more.

When you buy a vape device, you might receive a few vape bands in the package – but you can also purchase them separately online. These are small rubber or silicone rings, typically with branding printed around them.

What Are Vape Bands Used For?

There isn’t one definitive use for vape bands, they may very well have started as a simple piece of merchandise. But, over time vape users have found several advantages to these accessories.

To protect vape tanks

Many vape tanks have a glass casing – such as those on a clearomiser – that run the risk of shattering when dropped. If the tank breaks, there’s not a whole lot that can be done to fix it, the atomizer may need to be replaced.

Placing a vape band around your tank can create a protective bumper to prevent glass breakage should the device ever fall. The band can act as a shock absorber – much like a protective phone case, taking the impact of the fall so your tank stays intact.

It’s best to place it near the middle of the tank, or at the top and bottom of the tank if you have more than one vape band.

To protect glass e-liquid bottles

Just like with tanks, many e-liquids come in glass bottles that can crack or shatter when dropped. Different bottles may have different shapes and sizes, but if your vape band can be stretched around your e-liquid bottle, it can act as a great barrier from cracks.

To help grip your tank

Unscrewing a vape atomizer can be tricky at times. You want to make sure you’re only unscrewing the top of the atomizer, as opposed to detaching the entire tank. Accidentally removing the whole tank can lead to e-liquid spillage, and this is quite common with RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomiser) vapes (RTA vapes have a tank reservoir which holds more e-liquid within the device itself).

Vape bands are usually made of rubber or silicon. Because of the material used they have anti-slip properties, so they can be used to offer a stronger grip as you remove your RTA. Wrapping the band around the tank and holding it in place should give you a firmer grip, so when you disconnect the RTA, the tank won’t unscrew with it.

As a leak blocker

Vape bands can be used as extra protection to prevent your tank from leaking. E-liquid can leak from your vape for several reasons.

When lying on its side, e-liquid can find its way along the vape and leak out the edges, especially with cylindrical devices like vape pens. It can also happen on flights; e-liquids can leak due to the change in pressure - so it’s good to have a bit of extra protection for your e-liquid if you’re taking flight.

Leaks aren’t just a messy inconvenience; if e-liquid spills onto the buttons of the device or other important components, it can cause irreparable damage.

Use your vape bands to cover the areas where different components of your vape connect, like where your tank connects to the base of the vape, and use them to seal the lids of e-liquid bottles to help give some extra protection against leakage from any loose openings.

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