Lighting a Cigarette vs Using IQOS

As an adult smoker, you will typically carry a lighter with you to light cigarettes. If you happen to lose your lighter, you may wonder how to light a cigarette without a lighter. 

With IQOS devices, lighters are not required. In this article, we will explore some of the differences between lighting a cigarette and using IQOS devices. 

IQOS Heats Tobacco Rather than Lighting or Burning

IQOS devices use HEETS tobacco sticks that are made from a select blend of real tobacco and are designed specifically for IQOS. Each HEETS stick can last up to 6 minutes or 14 puffs, although this may vary depending on the individual. There are a number of different variants available, like classic or menthol tobacco. All HEETS products contain the same amount of nicotine.  

Can You Light HEETS?

Adult smokers may be wondering, can you light HEETS tobacco sticks? The answer is no. Lighting is not required and a HEET should never be lit. That’s because of HeatControl™ Technology, which heats the tobacco inside the IQOS Holder to a controlled temperature. This means that, with IQOS devices, adult users do not need to carry lighters with them, or question how to light a cigarette if they do not have a lighter available.  

The IQOS heating process is not the same as combustion, which occurs when you light cigarettes. Cigarettes burn tobacco, which produces high amounts of carbon monoxide. IQOS doesn’t burn tobacco, producing on average 98% less carbon monoxide (CO) and significantly lower levels of other harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes.*

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This does not mean a 98% reduction in risk, and carbon monoxide is only one of many harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke. IQOS is not risk free, and provides nicotine which is addictive.

*We measured the levels of the 9 harmful chemicals the World Health Organization recommends to reduce in cigarette smoke, which do not include nicotine, and these are reduced on average by 95%. See Important Information.

Additionally, IQOS produces no ash and IQOS generates no cigarette smoke smell

The best decision any adult smoker can make is to quit tobacco and nicotine use altogether. IQOS is not an alternative to quitting and is not designed as a cessation aid. 

This article is for general information and educational purposes. Some of the information in this article is based on external, third-party sources and we make no representations or warranties of any kind regarding the accuracy, validity or completeness of such information. 

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Learn about heated tobacco

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