Lighting a Cigarette versus Using IQOS

By Celia Spegel


The lengths cigarette smokers have to go to

If you’re a cigarette smoker, you’re probably all too familiar with forever patting your pockets or delving deep into your bag in search of a lighter – or having to ask a complete stranger for one.

Some people seem to go to extraordinary lengths when working out how to light a cigarette without a lighter. Look at these frequently searched questions: ‘Can you light a cigarette with an iron?’, ‘Can you light a cigarette in the microwave?’ and ‘Can you light a cigarette with hair straighteners?’ (Our particular favourites are queries on how to light a cigarette with a toaster - and even if it’s possible to light a cigarette with a kettle!)


Lighting a cigarette without a lighter isn’t the only frustration

When you light a cigarette, essentially you burn the tip of the cigarette. This causes smoke, ash and smell. IQOS on the other hand, presents no smoke, no ash and less smell.


Why? Because rather than lighting or burning, IQOS heats tobacco.

No smoke. No ash. No embers. No tar

HEETS tobacco sticks are made from a select blend of real tobacco and designed specifically for IQOS. The HeatControl™ Technology heats this tobacco inside the IQOS holder to a controlled temperature – unlike cigarettes which reach a much higher temperature at the tip and therefore burn. And as mentioned before, because cigarettes burn, they create smoke and ash.

IQOS is designed to replicate smoking rituals, without needing to use a match or a lighter because the device heats up the HEETS tobacco stick to the optimum temperature when charged. The heated tobacco generates a tobacco vapour with real tobacco taste BUT without fire, ash or cigarette smoke and with noticeably less smell.

No more lighters required. (And no more attempts with that kettle or toaster!)


Just think - switching to IQOS means…

No more trying to light a damp match (unless you’re away camping on a wet weekend and trying to cook sausages)

No more overflowing, smelly ashtrays to have to empty out (and make the bin smell instead)

No more cigarette burn holes in your best shirt (it always happens to your least favourite shirt, doesn’t it? And those burn holes are impossible to mend)

No more having to find a sheltered doorway to light a cigarette on a windy day. (Impossible to do without looking like a burglar)

No more risking burning your fringe/fingers as you precariously hover over the lit gas hob or candle flame because you’ve misplaced your lighter yet again.

No more having to ask someone if you can use the tip of their lit cigarette to light yours.

No more working out how to casually flick dropped ash off your mother-in-law’s sofa without leaving a tell-tale grey mark.


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Learn about heated tobacco

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