Can I Vape at a Concert?

By JC Connington


Since 2007 and the introduction of the ban on indoor smoking, UK public indoor areas and businesses have been smoke-free. The laws banned smoking in all enclosed public areas, including indoor concerts. But what about vaping at concerts?

Can You Smoke in an Indoor Venue?

The simple answer is no. Since 2007 and the introduction of the ban on indoor smoking, UK public indoor areas and businesses have been smoke-free. The laws, properly called the Smoke-free (Exemptions and Vehicles) Regulations 2007 and the Health Act 2006, banned smoking in all enclosed public areas, including places such as pubs and restaurants. This includes venues such as concert halls, theatres, and music venues. 

Smoking at outdoor venues, while not prohibited by law, is down to the discretion of the establishment. Organisers may restrict smoking in certain parts of the venue or have designated smoking areas away from the main performance arena.Vaping etiquette at nightclubs 

If you are allowed to vape at a nightclub, it’s probably worth considering vaping etiquette in order to reduce the chances of upsetting others.  ​

People might find huge clouds of vapour annoying when you’re all inside, or they might not like the smell. In this instance, try to have breaks between vaping and perhaps don’t vape in the more crowded areas of the club. Even if vaping is allowed inside, why not consider going to a designated outdoor smoking area, roof garden or other outside space? Particularly if you’re with other people who are smoking cigarettes, or fellow vapers who are also happy to go outside, you might enjoy a break from the indoors and possibly have more space around you.  ​

While you’re not obliged to consider vaping etiquette, if vaping is permitted by the venue it’s probably worth being respectful of others and taking their preferences into account – it’ll make your experience more pleasant. ​

Hopefully, you should now have a better idea of whether you can vape inside a nightclub but if you’d like to know more about vaping in public, you can check out our guide right here.

The Regulations Around Vaping

Vaping is not subject to the smoking ban. The key thing to remember is that each venue will have its own set of guidelines as to whether or not you can vape at a concert held at their venue. Because it’s down to the venue owner and organisers as to whether or not they let people use their vapes, it’s essential to check the rules before you go. As an example of how policies can differ from venue to venue, it’s worth looking at the rules set by some of the main concert venues in the UK:

The O2 Arena, London:
Smoking is not permitted in any part of the O2. Electronic cigarettes are permitted to be used in communal areas but must not be used in the O2 arena or prohibited areas. 

Wembley Stadium:
Smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes is not permitted anywhere within the stadium.

The Royal Albert Hall:
Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes (vapes) is prohibited in the Hall.

The O2 Academy Birmingham:
Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes is prohibited in the main venue, but there is a dedicated smoking area that is open at certain times.

Manchester Arena:
A no smoking/vaping venue. Bear in mind that if you leave the venue to go outside and vape, you won’t be allowed back in.

This list shows that while the rules around smoking are fixed, regulations concerning vaping differ from venue to venue. Always check the venue’s website or contact them directly to find out exactly what their rules are.

Do Certain Events Have Different Rules to Venues?

It’s important to check whether the event you are going to has any specific rules around the use of vapes that may differ from the venue's rules. It’s unlikely that a specific event will allow you to vape in an area that the venue has banned, however, it’s possible that certain events may ban the use of vapes in more areas than a venue does.

Do Rules Differ for Indoor and Outdoor Venues? 

While the indoor restrictions are pretty clear-cut, festivals and concerts held outdoors may be subject to different guidelines. The venue operators may have a specific policy regarding the use of vapes, and it’s wise to check when booking what those are, especially for a weekend outdoor festival, for example. Generally, you can use your vape or heated tobacco device at outdoor concerts, but make sure you follow both the venue guidelines and exercise ‘vaping etiquette’.

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