Our ambition
to recycle
IQOS devices

We want to play our role in reducing waste of used devices and our device return and recycling initiatives are a part of this plan. ​

It all starts when you bring back your used IQOS device to us. We will recycle it into something new or will recover the energy from its materials.​

Together we can make a difference.

Hands with gloves handling old batteries to be recycled

Heard of

E-waste is electronic waste. Anything with a plug, cord, or electronic component including  your IQOS device. ​

So, when you return your old IQOS device to us for recycling, you help to reduce e-waste.

How we recycle our devices

Red, gold and blue IQOS device
Red, gold and blue IQOS device
IQOS devices in different colors in a store drawer

Our impact so far

We're working towards increasing the number of used IQOS devices that get recycled. ​

In 2020, 48% of our IQOS markets were covered under our recycling programme and we’ll continue to roll this out.​

You can play your part by returning your old IQOS device and we'll take care of the rest.

Making the difference. Together.

Woman in a workshop with lamps and IQOS device her right hand

Extend the life of your device​

From taking care of your IQOS through to returning products for reuse and recycling, we can all play our part.

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Man putting old device to box

Give your IQOS a second chance 

Do you have an old device that you’re not using? Bring it back to us, we’ll do the rest.​

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Male and female couple walking and smiling as he carries a metal chair

The Power of Together

Discover all the easy ways to return your used products for refreshing or recycling.  Bring them along, we'll take it further.

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