Help us recycle

We're striving to reduce the amount of waste generated by our products. Our program for collecting used consumables plays a key role in our efforts. ​

Collecting used tobacco sticks and VEEV pods is one of the first good steps towards reducing the litter around us. We go further, and are working on ways to handle used consumables. Recycling seems to be the best solution. 


used TEREA, HEETS, FIIT tobacco sticks or VEEV pods in the bag.


them to any IQOS stores.



We will deliver them to our partners for recycling.

Three friends walking down the street, man in middle using IQOS device and carrying a pack of used sticks to recycle.

Keep your used sticks and pods off the street

Don't let used consumables go into communal waste or litter the street or nature.* Even you can contribute to a change for the better. Here, now, together. Help us find a way to make sensible use of used products. Simply collect your used consumables and bring them to any IQOS store. We will deliver them to our partners for recycling. ​


* Did you know that almost half of Slovak smokers think cigarette butts are biodegradable waste? And that on the contrary, a butt left on the ground takes up to 15 years to decompose? More information on Like cigarettes, tobacco sticks have an acetate cellulose filter plus a PLA filter. TEREA tobacco sticks have an acetate cellulose filter and a metal heating device in the tobacco section. VEEV pods are actually classified as small electronic devices. They do not belong in communal waste.


Comparison of cigarette butt and IQOS device.

Easy to collect and return

IQOS heats tobacco instead of burning it. This means your used sticks are no longer lit at the end of your experience, unlike cigarettes. You can collect them immediately after use and return them to us for recycling. ​

Start making a change for the better now. Every used stick counts.​​

Woman in denim shirt and glasses returning used VEEV pods for recycling in store.

Make it happen

 Get your collection bag in any  IQOS store.

Colect your used consumables in the bag (always collect tobacco sticks and VEEV pods into separate bags).


During your next visit, bring the full bags to an IQOS store and drop them off in the collection box. We will deliver them to our partners for recycling.

How it's done?

Consumables you can collect for recycling

TEREA sticks packet

TEREA sticks

Used with IQOS ILUMA

HEETS sticks packet

HEETS sticks

Used with IQOS 3 DUO and earlier generations of IQOS devices

VEEV pods packet

VEEV pods

Used with IQOS VEEV

Fiit sticks packet

Fiit sticks

Used with lil SOLID

These products are not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine products.​

97% of IQOS users like the idea of collecting and returning their used consumables for recycling.* And you? ​

* Online survey conducted in Germany, Japan and Russia with 718 adult IQOS users in April 2021.

Useful information

Our used tobacco stick and VEEV pod return program plays a major role in reducing the amount of waste from our products and eliminating littering. It gives you the opportunity to collect HEETS, TEREA and Fiit tobacco sticks and VEEV pods and bring them back to us for reuse. 

How does it work?

All you have to do is pick up a free resealable collection bag at any IQOS store and collect your used consumables into it (always collect tobacco sticks and VEEV pods into separate bags). Once the bag is full, simply bring it to an IQOS store, which has special collection boxes for the bags. We will take care of the rest by delivering the consumables to our partners for recycling.

You can pick up free collection bags at any IQOS store. Feel free to use our "Find an IQOS Store" feature on to find your nearest one.
You can bring us any number of collection bags, provided they are filled with tobacco sticks or Veev pods only [i.e. without the box and other packaging material, tobacco sticks and Veev pods must be separate bags].
No. IQOS devices and electronic accessories are collected separately, as are both tobacco sticks and VEEV pods, as we have set up different means of processing and reuse for all of them. For the same reason, you will find three separate and clearly marked collection boxes at most of our IQOS stores.

No. The collection bags are designed exclusively for collecting individual tobacco sticks and pods.

Please note: TEREA, HEETS and Fiit tobacco sticks can be mixed in one collection bag, but VEEV pods must always be collected in a separate bag.

We have a clear ambition - to reduce the environmental impact of all our products. We are currently working with our partners on how best to use the used consumables from our products, whether tobacco sticks or VEEV pods, with recycling apparently being the best solution. 

As for consumables or their components that we are unable to recycle, we arrange for their use in energy production.

Making the difference. Together.

Woman in workshop with lamps and IQOS device in her right hand

Extend the life of your IQOS device

Proper care for your IQOS will significantly extend its lifetime, helping you to help nature


Man returning an IQOS device for recycling in a store.

Give your IQOS device a second chance

Do you have an IQOS you no longer use? Bring it to any IQOS store.​

More information

Male and female couple walking and smiling as he carries a metal chair overhead.

The Power of Together

Find out how the device and consumables return program at our stores works. Just bring your used device or sticks and we'll take care of the rest.

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