High PG Meaning: What Does High PG E-Liquid Mean?

E-cigarettes work by electrically heating e-liquid. Also commonly known as vape juice, this substance is used in vapes to produce vapour. E-liquids are usually made up of ingredients like propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), nicotine and flavourings. A high PG e-liquid simply means an e-liquid that has a higher ratio of PG to VG.

What does PG mean? PG is a tasteless and colourless solution, used in e-liquids and various other products. You can find out more on PG through our guide PG vs VG – What Is VG and PG?

E-liquids can come in different PG/VG ratios, which can alter the vaping experience in a few ways. These include changing the intensity of the flavour, the density of the vapour and the strength of the throat hit. While high PG e-liquid – otherwise known as high PG vape juice - has a higher concentration of propylene glycol than vegetable glycerine, you can also find e-liquids that have a greater ratio of vegetable glycerine, known as high VG e-liquids, as well as e-liquids that use an even balance of PG to VG - these are known as 50/50 e-liquids.

Why Would You Use High PG E-Liquid?

While PG and VG do hold some similarities - both being nearly colourless and odourless - these two substances also differ in a few ways. Therefore, having different ratios of each within an e-liquid can bring distinct qualities to the vaping experience.

PG is much thinner in consistency than VG, meaning high PG e-liquid typically produces less vapour compared to other PG/VG ratios. Generally, the higher the PG level, the less dense the vapour will be.

High PG e-liquids can also offer a stronger throat hit than high VG e-liquids - throat hit being a sensation that’s likened to smoking.

What Devices Can I Use With High PG E-Liquid?

You can use high PG e-liquids in a variety of vapes, but they work best with devices that have low wattage and high resistance coils - such as pod mods and vape pens. In contrast, high VG e-liquids tend to be used in vapes that have high wattage and low resistance coils. Because of the stronger throat hit of a high PG e-liquid, it’s best to avoid using these e-liquids in devices that deliver high wattages.

Using high PG e-liquid on a high wattage and low resistance coil devices could also cause the e-liquid to flood or leak. This is because the inlet holes between the tank and atomiser on these devices are large and better suited to high-VG juices that are more viscous.

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This article is for general information and educational purposes. Some of the information in this article is based on external, third-party sources and we make no representations or warranties of any kind regarding the accuracy, validity or completeness of such information.

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