Why Is My IQOS Not Charging?

By Samuel Lawrence


There are several reasons why you may be having an IQOS charging problem. Is it that the IQOS stick is not charging? Or that the IQOS charger is not charging? Or maybe you’re unsure what the lights on your device mean?

We’ll go through a few simple checks you can make if you’re finding that your IQOS won’t charge.

Before we start off it’s worth adding that in this article and across our whole site we refer to the ‘stick’ component of the IQOS device as the ‘Holder’ and the larger component that the holder is inserted into as the ‘Pocket Charger’.


Troubleshooting the IQOS Pocket Charger for charging issues

The lights not pulsing or turning on when charging could mean that there’s a problem with the Pocket Charger. Here’s what you should do:

Plug the Pocket Charger into a power outlet for at least 20 minutes using the provided official IQOS charging cable and AC adapter. Laptop USB ports don’t have enough power to charge your Pocket Charger if it’s completely discharged.

Reset your Pocket Charger (press and hold the Power button until all lights briefly blink).

If your IQOS won’t charge after taking these steps, it could be a sign that there is an issue with your charging cable or adapter.


Troubleshooting your IQOS charging cable and adapter for issues

If the lights aren’t pulsing or turning on when charging your IQOS pocket charger, this could be a sign that your AC adapter or cable aren’t working. Here’s what you can do:

  • Ensure that you are using the original IQOS AC Adapter.
  • Check your adapter and cable for damage.
  • You may need to purchase a replacement IQOS AC Adapter or Cable. You can buy new IQOS charging accessories here.


If you’re having other issues with your IQOS device, for example if your IQOS is flashing but not charging, you should be able to find the solution in the Support section of our website.

If you can’t find the answer to your issue on the specific device’s support page, one of the below resources might help:


If you’re still having trouble with charging your IQOS device, you can contact the IQOS support team or visit a store to speak to one of our helpful advisors.

All of our devices and electrical accessories are covered by our complimentary and comprehensive warranty program. If you have any issues within the 12-month warranty period during normal usage*, we will arrange for the product to be repaired or replace it for free.


*The IQOS warranty lasts for 12 months/7300 cycles (whichever comes first) for an IQOS 2.4 or IQOS 2.4+ or 12 months/14,600 cycles (whichever comes first) for an IQOS 3, IQOS DUO or IQOS Multi. A cycle represents each charge of the holder or charger.


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