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In-store guided trials, introduction to TEREA or HEETS variants, guidance and support.

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Our experts are on hand to walk you through the basics and get you started on your IQOS journey.

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Explore our curated selection of TEREA or HEETS variants.

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 Discover IQOS in-store

 Flavour range


 Discover IQOS in-store

 Flavour range


 Discover IQOS in-store

 Flavour range


 Discover IQOS in-store

 Flavour range


 Discover IQOS in-store

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    Discover IQOS in-store
Flavour range

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Refer IQOS to your friend, adult smoker* and get rewards – wallet points and status points.

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*Adult smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine products.

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Get all-round support from the moment you choose IQOS.

Online guidance

How-to videos, step-by-step guidance, tools and techniques to help you get the best from your device.

Troubleshooting *

Online troubleshooting tools for you to fast-track fixing your device.

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* Services available upon device registration. Terms and conditions apply.

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Be welcomed into a world of exclusive offers, inspiring ideas and unforgettable experiences, made to inspire you.

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Collect points and enjoy special offers on sticks or pods or other products.

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Feel the joy of belonging to the IQOS CLUB member’s community with invitations to exclusive events, priority access to venues, competition to win prizes and more.

Join IQOS CLUB today and discover just how rewarding being an IQOS CLUB member can be.


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The Power of Together

Help us in our effort to minimize the negative environmental impact of our products. Discover all the easy ways to return your used products - devices and consumables - for recycling. Bring them along to our stores, we´ll take it further.

Extend the life of your IQOS device

By taking care of your IQOS device, you will make it last longer and you will, indirectly, help positively impact our environment.  

Give your IQOS device a second chance

Do you have an old IQOS device that you´re not using any more? Bring it back to us to any of our stores and we´ll take care of its recycling.

Help us recycle

Our program for collection and take back of used tobacco sticks and pods plays a pivotal role in our effort to reduce the waste generated from our used products.

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