Extend the life of your IQOS device

How can you extend the life of your IQOS device? It's quite simple.

It all starts with taking care of your device to make it last longer and put off the need to replace it. And when you are done with it, just bring it back to us, and we’ll have it recycled into something new. Whatever can’t be recycled will be used for energy recovery.

Take good care

of your device to extend its lifespan.


any devices that you no longer use to one of our stores.

We recycle them

and make sure that they're reused in an environmentally-sound manner.

Want to take part?

The Power of Together. Discover the initiatives that we have put in place to extend the life of IQOS devices.​

Man assembling his IQOS device

Enjoy your IQOS
device for longer​


Use your IQOS device to its full potential. This means cleaning it regularly, updating its software and getting support from our team when needed.​

Also, by extending the life of your IQOS device, you delay the need to replace it, and therefore maximise the use of existing resources.

Discover tips

Man returning an IQOS device for recycling in a store

Give your IQOS device a second chance


Do you have an old IQOS device that you are not using? Why not declutter your drawers, bring your device back to us and we will have it recycled.​

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Hands with gloves holding recycled device material

Our ambition to recycle IQOS devices​


We aim to make the most of your old IQOS device to help reduce waste. ​

That's why we are rolling out programmes for returned devices to be recycled.​​

 About IQOS recycling

Making the difference. Together.

A man returns a consumables for recycling at an IQOS store.

Help us recycle

Bring in used TEREA, HEETS, Fiit or VEEV pods to give them a new life. IQOS believes in a sustainable future.

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Man returning an IQOS device for recycling in a store

Give your IQOS a second chance 

Do you have an old device that you’re not using? Bring it back to us, we’ll do the rest.​

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Woman in a workshop with lamps and IQOS device her right hand

The Power of Together

Discover all the easy ways to return your used products for refreshing or recycling.  Bring them along, we'll take it further.

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