Do you know how many HEETS flavors we offer?

Do you know the whole range of HEETS? It will surely let you discover at least a few flavors that will satisfy your preferences. Find out what you can expect from each one of them. Don't be afraid to try new flavors.

The IQOS world is a smoke-free world created to suit the needs, desires, and preferences of our users. Thanks to them, we have the inspiration needed to enlarge the palette of HEETS flavors and create new combinations. Discover our entire range and find new variants that you can enjoy!


Aromatic and pleasantly earthy flavor complemented with cocoa, dried fruit, and woody notes.
Full flavour HEETS


Tobacco blend with lemon or woody notes and a fine aroma of nuts.
Balanced flavour of HEETS


Fresh experience with menthol and fine vanilla notes. The Sienna Caps variant lets you to transform a fine woody flavor into cooling menthol in a single click.
Menthol flavour of HEETS

Fresh with fruity notes

Menthol flavor enriched with citrus notes or the original aroma of wild berries.
Fresh with fruity notes flavour of HEETS
You can make your choice from the entire HEETS range in our e-shop.
Treat yourself today and discover a flavor you don't know!


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