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Electronic cigarettes designed for vaping are part of our offer of alternatives to smoking. We offer top of the class technology and e-liquids in various flavors. But what exactly are electronic cigarettes? And is vaping the right thing for you?

How does the electronic cigarette work?

It is a simple technology. An electronic cigarette – sometimes known as e-cigarette or vaporizer – delivers the desired experience to its user by heating an e-liquid. Each e-cigarette has three important parts: battery, atomizer and a tank or pod for e-liquid. 

What is e-liquid?

E-liquid or the consumable for the electronic cigarette is a liquid mixture of water, flavors, glycerin, and nicotine. There are e-liquids which do not contain nicotine.  

E-liquids are sold both premixed or with an option to mix and create your own combinations. This is possible only in the case of electronic cigarettes with the so-called open system. Its construction allows for liquid refills. On the contrary, vaporizers with closed systems use custom designed tanks, known as cartridges or pods. These have to be replaced for new ones once their content of e-liquid is spent. IQOS VEEV device is one of these closed systems vaporizers. Its e-liquids contain pharmaceutical-grade nicotine extracted from tobacco leaves. Aerosol produced by atomization is then inhaled – or vaped. 

How to vape?

Most of the time all you need is a charged electronic cigarette filled with e-liquid – and you can start using it. Some models don’t require any button to be pressed, you just have to take a puff. Vaping is simple with IQOS VEEV. You have to take the VEEV pod, remove the seal tab and insert the pod into the IQOS VEEV device. A quick vibration will signal you that your vaping experience is ready. It might take a few attempts before you learn just how much aerosol you need to draw in order to start it. 

A bit more complicated is maintenance of devices, mainly in the case of open systems allowing for e-liquids refill. Depending on the device of your choice this can mean mixing of your own e-liquids or complicated and impractical refill from much larger containers. 

Electronic cigarettes vary in their size and level of practicality. Smaller ones can fit into your pocket and deliver a quick, simple vaping experience. On the other end of the spectrum are large variants, consisting of several custom designed elements. Their main advantage is their bigger capacity at the cost of practicality. 

There are different types of e-cigarettes:

-        Cigalike devices (also known as „cig-a-like“) look like cigarettes.
-        POD type vaporizers working with closed or refillable pods containing e-liquid. IQOS VEEV from our range of alternatives to smoking belongs to this category.
-        Vaporizing pens – small devices with refillable cartridges and replaceable heating coils.
-        Box Mods which are customizable devices with replaceable parts.      


Disposable e-cigarette design for one use might be a good fit for someone. It is a closed system which does not allow for refill or replacement of its cartridge after its e-liquid is consumed. So called “grips” represent a complete opposite – massive electronic cigarettes with powerful batteries and the option to set different modes of use of the e-liquid.

It is purely up to you, which device you choose. In the case of our IQOS VEEV devices, we took the path of practical elegance and simplicity of use and maintenance.

How is the vaporizer maintained?

Not all electronic cigarettes require the same level of care. With more complicated vaporizers problems can come from their coil, used for heating of the e-liquid. It lasts for about four weeks and then it can spoil the taste of your experience – covered in residue it might add an afterburn sensation to the taste – and must be replaced.

You can avoid this issue if the heating element is changed together with the e-liquid cartridge, just like is the case of IQOS VEEV. State of the art MESH heat technology uses specially designed metal mesh, guaranteeing high quality of heating and your only concern is changing the pod for a new one. Occasionally, you might need to gently swipe the mouthpiece clean from some residue or the connection between the pod and the body of your vaporizer. 

Inability to mix your own e-liquid or refill it yourself might come to some users as a disadvantage of pod systems. Instead, you can choose from a variety of flavors for your VEEV device, including variants with menthol or fruity flavors.

Explore the e-liquids range.

Why choose IQOS VEEV?

In addition to already mentioned advantages, IQOS VEEV brings you:


-        MESH heat technology with a unique metallic woven mesh instead of a coil, ensuring no overheating or burning of the e-liquid
-        e-liquids manufactured in the EU using pharmaceutical-grade nicotine
-        full charge lasts for a whole day *
-        up to 400 puffs from one VEEV pod
-        elegant design fitting in your hand
-        manufactured in certified facilities of renowned manufacturers


One VEEV pod will last for two to three days depending on the intensity of its use. Make sure you have enough at your disposal: for one month, you should do well with seven or eight packs. You can easily purchase IQOS VEEV pods on our e-shop or you can visit one of our branded and partner stores. There you can also take care of potential service for your device. If you decide to join our IQOS CLUB, we have more great benefits and special offers for you. 

Where can you buy vaping devices? Use our e-shop for online purchase of vaporizers or visit one of our IQOS stores.

*Based on 145 puffs/day